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  1. Hi Igor I went back to the last version of Armbian and thi sappears to have sorted out the wi-fi issue. Another interesting development is that in the very latest version, when you go to the hardware config section in armbian-config, none of the interface names are present. Could this be an issue as well or related? Thanks Steve
  2. Hi Igor Thanks I will try as soon as I can. Regards Steve
  3. Well I have some interesting results. I purchased two identical wi-fi adapters based on Realtek 5370 chipset. I attached one of these to my Odroid C2 and low and behold it worked. I could see SSID's of various networks and I could join them! All was well. Then, I powered down the unit and replaced the wi-fi adapter with the second unit I purchased. On power up I could se the SSID's but I was back to the same problem. Cannot connect to the network. I had a separate SD card with Armbian on it that had not been run before and so I booted this up with the second wi-fi adapter connected and it functioned fine. Allowing me to connect to any network I could see in the list of SSID's. I then powered the system down, replace the wi-fi card with the first unit that worked fine previously and guess what? It no longer works. Could see the SSID's but cannot join the network. So interestingly it appears that once the 5370 based wifi adapter is detected, if you replace it with an identical unit, it stops working. I can only assume it has somthing to do with mac addresses etc. I do notice that when the system works. wlan0 is defined, otherwise it is defined as something completely different (excuse the lack of info here as i do not have the unit running at the moment) Can anybody suggest a way of deleting referneces to the previous wi-fi card so that I do not have to make separate builds for each device?. I intend on making around 10-15 Odroid based units. Thanks again. Steve
  4. Hi Igor I tried what you suggested and have still not been able to fix the issue. I never could get the adapters to connect even once. It is very strange. all they report is network not found, even though they can see the network when you scan for it, To speed things up for me, I have ordered some Realtek 5370 based adapters and hopefully I will receive and test them later today. Also, I will contact Aircrack to see if they can help with the non 5370 adapters. Thanks for your help. Regards Steve
  5. Thanks Igor I will try that and see if I have any luck!
  6. Hi All Sorry if this is a repeat issue, however, I am new to Armbian and I am trying to get an Odroid C2 board to work with WI-FI I have tried several WI-FI adapters including the official Odroid USB wifi adapter with single antenna and none of them . will let me join a network, evne though I can see a list of WI-FI SSID's. Other builds of LInux (obtained from Hardkernel work fine, however I need a version with a later kernal to run an AWS package. Wired network is fine, just wifi. Can anyone help? Regards Steve