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  1. @SteeMan Exactly! No I just wanted to use 5.x on one of the new builds. Using a new distro with 3.x might work, but I am afraid that I'll end in dependency hell...and a lot of time wasted. Absolutely agreed, I took a look in the 3.x and 5.x dts, too many changes, AFAIK no migration path given. Especially since the device surely won't get any Android updates (with newer kernels) from the vendor itself. I was hoping that my current boot process (no crashes, but stops at init) in conjunction with the logs might give others a clue about what I might be missing in my dts. But at this point I absolutely understand that it's just not worth the pain. I always try to give old hardware a second life/purpose, but in this case EOL has been reached Luckily I had a cheap S905x TV Stick which runs debian bullseye very well, so at least I found another solution for my use case. Thank you so much for your comments, highly appreciated! 🖖 My case can be closed
  2. @RaptorSDS I decrypted the dtb which I found from at /boot/meson8-minix-neo-x8.dtb after I installed the release to the sdcard. @SteeMan Thanks for the hint, already tried that, always used a fresh install (several verions tried) since I can't boot into the system anyway it never becomes dirty
  3. @SteeMan Thanks for your response. I am not sure what you mean with "clean copy", but Kernel 3.x runs perfectly fine on the device. I just wanted to upgrade debian from stretch to bullseye because of missing/outdated debian packages. But I think that you're correct, there is no upgrade path. 😪 Luckily I had a H96 Pro H3 with a S905x which I managed to run the bullseye on.
  4. Hi folks, I have a S82 Box (S802 SOC with a Mali-450) which I am currently trying to update from Kernel 3.x to 5.x (e.g. Armbian_21.02.0-trunk_Aml-s812_bullseye_current_5.10.0_.img.xz). I had troubles to boot (crashing), hence I had to disable the gpu: gpu@c0000 { compatible = "amlogic,meson8-mali\0arm,mali-450"; reg = <0xc0000 0x40000>; interrupts = <0x00 0xa0 0x04 0x00 0xa1 0x04 0x00 0xa2 0x04 0x00 0xa3 0x04 0x00 0xa4 0x04 0x00 0xa5 0x04 0x00 0xa6 0x04 0x00 0xa7 0x04 0x00 0xa8 0x04 0x00 0xa9 0x04 0x00 0xac 0x04 0x00 0xad 0x04 0x00 0xae 0x04 0x00 0xaf 0x04 0x00 0xb0 0x04 0x00 0xb1 0x04>; interrupt-names = "gp\0gpmmu\0pp\0pmu\0pp0\0ppmmu0\0pp1\0ppmmu1\0pp2\0ppmmu2\0pp4\0ppmmu4\0pp5\0ppmmu5\0pp6\0ppmmu6"; resets = <0x07 0x4e>; clocks = <0x05 0x0a 0x05 0x0b>; clock-names = "bus\0core"; operating-points-v2 = <0x24>; #cooling-cells = <0x02>; phandle = <0x21>; status = "disabled"; }; (added: status = "disabled"; ) But now I am stuck at this point (full log attached): [ 3.126869] Run /init as init process [ 3.414122] rtc-pcf8563 0-0051: pcf8563_write_block_data: err=-6 addr=0e, data=03 [ 3.416049] rtc-pcf8563 0-0051: pcf8563_probe: write error [ 3.422324] rtc-pcf8563: probe of 0-0051 failed with error -5 I do not care about GPU support, even Wifi is not that important. Planning to use this old device to run octoprint for my 3d printer. I *think* that I may encounter two issues at once: 1. There is no reserved memory range like with the old dtb, hence the GPU crashes? 2. I do not see any messages regarding mmcblk0 or similar, hence it stalls on init as the fs is missing (usually this should lead to a panic)? I've spent 10h on this, but at this point I am clueless, help is highly appreciated. working_dtb_on_3.x_kernel.dts uart_log.txt meson8-minix-neo-x8_disabled_gpu.dts
  5. Hello folks, I am missing some features in the currently included kernel (10.33.108), hence I wanted to compile my own one. Unfortunately it's hard to get the exact same (working) kernel version. All I could find so far is the amlogic 3.10.33 one. Does anyone know where the source of the currently used kernel is located? Thanks a lot!
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