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  1. Oh okay i understand. Thank you for answer Igor- i was confused that this build was on download site so i think that is normal version which use everybody. my bad :-)
  2. Hi guys i am new on forum so i am sorry if this topic is in wrong place or if i badly look for answer in existing topics. I already using bionic legacy 4.4.199 destkop for few weeks and i am happy ( only problem which i have is with bluetooth-device manager not working aftar i connect keyboard or mouse and handsfree doesnt work too) but i see on web that there is new version so i download bionic 5.4.8 desktop to give a try. boot look normal until i get to tinkerboard login. there i use default root/1234 - it ask for changing root pass so i make it - then Retype pass and after enter it doesnt do anything. i can type anythong but enter only move to another line but nothing else. i even try to flash twice but same result. I have same problem on buster_current_5.4.8_minimal is it normal (on develop) or there is problem on my TB? thanks for answers. (sorry for my bad english)