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  1. how do you erase SPI? Radxa explain how you upgrade SPI, but there is not how you erase it however, if you need boot with mvne, you need mandatorily upgrade SPI. So, to try erase SPI is not a great solution
  2. There is a issue when you upgrade SPI, radxa team haven't fixed yet, check this link so, if you upgraded your SPI, you aren't able to use any newest armbian image We're waiting for radxa team
  3. Hello, I have read some threats with the same issue, armbian images are not booting, there is not HDMI signal when turn on rockpi4. General solution is trying armbian image stored on radxa server this armbian version works fine but it's too old, also i'm interested to use latest armbian-ubuntu-bionic My case: I have a new rockpi4b 1.4v, not eMMC module, I have flashed several armbian versions on sdCard : .. and old versions archived None of them works! the issue is the same, not HDMI signal. I can boot fine using radxa images (armbian stretch and others OS stored there). Is possible something wrong on latest rockpi4 hardware and need a fix on armbian/uBoot configuration?