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  1. I have found that the default service doesn't allow systemd to finish loading. so I have modified the service file to use Type=simple and User=root
  2. I found the board config for nanopineoplus2 in config and built an image. everything works as expected
  3. although, now as I run a backup and check cpu temp/freq, it seems that frequency is not available under /sys
  4. anyone running a neo+ 2. don't bother with neo2 image, it doesn't recognise emmc or wifi card the nanopi K1plus image works beautifully and supports both emmc and wifi module
  5. yeah, I'm not scared of bricking it. I have done some hefty testing over the last week with multiple home built images. no matter what I do, if it fails to boot, I can always boot it of a friendly image on sd card without any trouble. It's fiddly, but it always works I might have to get a serial cable if I keep mucking around with images. for now I'll run Armbian off sd card, which seems the safest at this point. I am running home built images with cpu freq scaling down to 408MHz on m4 and m4v2 now and loving it. Am considering playing with it on H5 (neo k1plus, neo2plus) un
  6. thanks. this sums it up really interesting tho, that I can boot the Friendly image off sd card.
  7. I didn't do via armbian-config, just ran nand-sata-install directly I'm more concerned that I then couldn't boot from sd card than the corrupted image on eMMC
  8. Hi all, I have found a weird condition. I have a home built image running off sd card with no probs. my EMMC has friendly distro on it. I ran nand-sata-install to install armbian to EMMC. then I ran growpart and resize2fs against the EMMC and rebooted. afterwards, host failed to boot from emmc. so I thought "no probs, boot of sd". But SD failed to boot also. I tried same SD card in 1st gen nanopim4. boot happened fine. retried boot in nanopim4v2 and failed to boot. re-wrote arbian image and still failed to boot from SD. wrote
  9. Linux m4-2 5.4.13-rockchip64 #19.11.8 SMP PREEMPT Wed Jan 22 22:53:38 AEDT 2020 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux this is a home built image with X
  10. AHA! thats where the min/max frequency is set. I did notice that it no longer scales back to 408. I'll have a play with that
  11. interesting. I have my v2 running at 2GHz no problem, running "taskset -c 2-5 xz -T4 -9" on multiple sd image backups from 2-32g it runs for a couple of hours with no errors or perceived problems
  12. I just copied the pwm-fan.service and associated script from the friendly distro. can't remember the name, rk3399-something, but it is defined in the service file
  13. well, I spun up an ubuntu x86 image and built my own armbian image with desktop. no more frequency messages :) and it really wasn't that hard. I only spent about 10 mins reading the "build" documentation now to get the rest of it working to my liking.
  14. i see. that is a pity, as it makes text console almost useless, as well as dmesg output. as a side note, if I run latest Friendly desktop, I don't get these. I'll have a bit more of a dig about is there an easy way to recompile one of these dts files so I can test with "delete node" removed? or I may checkout trying the one shipped with friendly desktop as a test
  15. I've got an m4v2 running current armbian (Armbian_19.11.4_Nanopim4_bionic_legacy_4.4.192_desktop.7z) I get a stack of messages on tty1 and in dmesg stating "get wrong frequency". it was also logging via syslog, but I have disabled those from logging. it also seems to generate one of these messages every time I hit a key on the keyboard. somehow related to kbd interrupt? ondemand cpu freq scaling works, running cpu intensive jobs, the following frequencies were observed Jan 11 10:45:01 m4-2 root: CPUTEMP 45.00 (600.00/600.00) Jan 11 21:50:01 m4-2 root: