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  1. Then I'll just wait. Is there some place where information like this can be found? So which kernels are good to use for which device?
  2. I recently updated my Orange Pi Zero Plus to the 5.3 Kernel and since then it failed a few times. I tried to find the reason why it hangs, and when connected using ssh, I get the message kernel:[ 275.633561] thermal thermal_zone0: critical temperature reached (100 C), shutting down After seeing this, I started a program that generates load and watched the temperature and CPU in htop. Temperature goes up to 100°, but the CPU stays at 1.3Ghz. After downgrading to kernel 4.19.63 it works as expected again. Temperature raises, but then the CPU speed is limited, first to 1.01Ghz, then 960MHz and then temperature is always low enough to stay at 960MHz. Since my Orange Pi Zero Plus is a few hundred kilometers away in my parents house and I always have to call my dad if it hangs, I won't be able to do much testing but I hope someone else can reproduce this.