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  1. i gave up a few month ago. however: i have a friend who is quite happy with his. omv/raid5 - nothing else. i got mine somewhat stable by reducing cpu freq (same for min and max). but i do have huge stability requirements for my nas and also want it to run some services and so i have moved on. sad for me. but i still think that there are good and working ones out there
  2. apt install glances it also has a web interface - but it is resource intensive
  3. probably your array is still building. what does cat /proc/mdstat show you?
  4. you could get yourself a 2.5gbe switch (in case you need both connections, eg for a management net). they are not expensive anymore
  5. oh sorry. i was confused and though you are talking about nc.
  6. try this one: https://github.com/nextcloud/docker/tree/master/.examples/docker-compose/with-nginx-proxy-self-signed-ssl/mariadb/fpm omgwtfssl doesnt work though. you have to do the cert stuff yourself. here is my reverse proxy which handles certs: https://github.com/flower1024/proxy (but you have to tweak it... it also does dyndns updates with spdyn.de and has a fixed Europe/Berlin Timezone. its not really built for sharing)
  7. the official ones work with arm64 without any problems. only the reverse proxy doesnt.
  8. Downgrading and pinning is possible through armbian-config. it is described in the latest kobol blog (that page seems offline for me atm). i used this to downgrade: apt install \ linux-dtb-current-rockchip64=20.08.10 \ linux-headers-current-rockchip64=20.08.10 \ linux-image-current-rockchip64=20.08.10 \ armbian-firmware=20.08.10 \ linux-buster-root-current-helios64=20.08.10 \ linux-u-boot-helios64-current=20.08.10 (but be carefull... next update would update them again) afaik there is no way to go back to an 4.4 kernel. going from 4.4 to 5.8 is possible through armbian-config - but didnt work for me last time i tried
  9. This afternoon (eg around 7h) i will put some smaller old disks in helios64 to keep an eye on the progress. I can start those containers there again. If you want me to provide any additional info just tell me. As it will sit there with test data only i can give you root access too in case you are interested. Gesendet von meinem CLT-L29 mit Tapatalk
  10. Yes it is tuned. Proxy buffers are very low (reverse proxy and fastcgi), mariadb and phpfpm. I never saw it above 1gb ram - except for linux file caches which touch zram swap after a while. But never filled it. But what is your point about many processes? I do have many. Most of them are sleeping though. Do you think thats a problem? Gesendet von meinem CLT-L29 mit Tapatalk
  11. Yes, all docker container and system together is around 1gb ram usage. It uses zram after a while but that seems unrelated to that sync error. I never saw my ram completely filled. I dont use armbian nextcloud. I tweaked the mysql, redis, alpine variant which now runs stable on my old pc. Emby takes much ram there, but that container wasnt enabled on helios64.
  12. the original install instructions. yesterday morning it still was - now it is gone. i wish for a litte bit more communication from your end. i still hope it will work out - and i still really like it. i am just frustrated. regarding your question about tx offloading: i dont use omv and i have a script which disables them on every start. but... something is wrong with networking on eth1 anyway. try syncing ~1tb with nextcloud. it wont work: even if the unit doesnt crash the nc client will disconnect multiple times and (even worse) you have to auth again (which is not typical for a disconnect) my ssh connections are stable for hours though. not sure whats the problem there. but.. does that imply that it is stable as long as you dont use 2.5GBe? that would be a good example where better communication would have helped.
  13. Ok, folks its over this unit was sold as a "high quality nas". i was expecting a little tweaking and some flaws but not those instabilites. they are just inaccable for a nas. a nas is about data integrity! and there is no filesystem which likes regular kernel locks. if kobol would sit in germany i would send it back. i have migrated all disks and docker containers to an old i6900k i had lying around. i will have a look again in a few months. btw: i even advertised and sold this unit to friends and would have continued to do so. but: no official communication - and even your install page is broken since weeks - thats just too much. sad
  14. not sure about arm but afaik they are already mitigated in linux. you may need to compile an own kernel. i wouldnt though: as long as you dont plan to use your helios64 as a cloud hosting platform for customers or run untrusted code there is no need to do so. its not worth the performance impact.
  15. Maybe its an ip conflict? apt-get install arp-scan arp-scan --localnet -l I didnt have any net problems with eth0 with any version. Because of stability issues i am on kernel 5.8 armbian release .10 though Gesendet von meinem CLT-L29 mit Tapatalk