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    Noboot got a reaction from TCB13 in SSHD crashes at kernel 5.4.8 by using rsync   
    First, I use a mean well S-100F-12 (12 Volt 8.5 A)
    This one I had some time and I wasn't using it.
    I power the NanoPi true the 4-pin connector on the sata hat with a connector used from an old PC power supply.  (All 4 wires connected)
    I had some spare time this week-end and did some test with my NanoPi.  
    The problem seems to be more noticeable when I use midnight commander and copy files from usb to the sata hat.
    It also shows up when copying files from network to sata true a samba share on the NanoPi.
    Slowing down the CPU to 1800 ,1600 and 1400 did not make a difference.
    Temperature found with htop was approx. 42-40°C at max CPU and at 1600 - 1400 about 36°C
    I have a large slow turning fan on the NanoPi and a 50mm direct above the sata hat.
    What I found strange is, that when I started from a cooled down NanoPi the NanoPi worked longer before failing than when is just rebooted and started again. (Or it is my imagination :-))
    After another tip on I restarted and used kernel 4.4.
    The CPU is now running at 1800 with a temp of 30 a 35°C and I don’t seem to have this problem anymore.
    At this point I'm not sure it's a power problem or a temperature problem but I'm planning to spend some more time on it this weekend.
    There is also still a possibility that I received a faulty NanoPi or hat . . .
    Any further input about this is always welcome.