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  1. Maybe the problem is the kernel not the speed?
  2. @nobody @Noboot as we discussed on the other thread the issue seems to only happen in higher CPU frequencies. Now, the question I still have is, what power supplies are you using guys? I'm asking this because the issue might be lack of enough power to run at that speeds.
  3. @Matthias was kernel were you using?
  4. With the 5.x kernel by default the CPU seems to upscale up to 2.02GHz, with the 4.x kernel it only goes up to 1.8Ghz. If I understood you correctly, you think that since my 5.x kernel uses a higher clock it just crashes due to lack of power. That's interesting and would mean that the new kernel isn't broken at all. It would also explain why it reboots without logs. What power supply are you using? and what would you recommend to run at 2.2 without crashes? What do you think about this @piter75?
  5. Yes I will, but only in a few days. I'll report as soon as I have new information.
  6. @piter75 and @NicoD as you guys suggested I decided to try the 4.x image and it works just fine! Look like there are bugs in the 5.x image. Thank you. PS: I tried to downgrade the kernel using armbian-config and my system never booted again had to do a fresh install. I've noticed that the CPU in the 5.x image was running up to 2.02Ghz on the big cores, with the 4.x image seems to be a cap at 1.80Ghz.
  7. Hi, About the Ethernet: as expected I was able to fix it by disabling tcp offload. Now about the hard drive: It's a SATA hard drive connected via a USB 3 ASM1051E SATA bridge. The disk has its own power supply and if I connect it to my old M4 (the original one) I'm able to copy GB of data without issues, however in the M4v2 the board restarts itself. I guess since it works fine on the old M4 it is safe to assume that the issue is on the new board and/or kernel. The only difference here is that the old board is runing a 4.X kernel while the new one is running 5.X.
  8. I've also notice some random reboots / maybe crashes without logs: As you can see it was running fine without any messages at 1:38 am and them it later rebooted by itself at 2:17 pm without logging anything.
  9. No I didn't build it myself but thank you for the update.
  10. @Nobby42 maybe your issue is somehow related to mine here: Does it also happen if you just try to use cp?
  11. @Igor I just noticed that you had some info about this problem before here: Is there any fix for this? I never had with this issue with a original board, using the same USB3 ASM1051E SATA 6Gb/s bridge What about you @NicoD , since you're always running nice tests, have you experienced such issues?
  12. Another thing I noticed: TCP offloading is still broken in all boards as discussed previously here: And here: To make the network work properly under load and some protocols like HTTPS and NFS I have to run: ethtool -K eth0 rx off tx off after the network is up. This issue seems to affect both the original M4 and the v2 with all kernels.
  13. Hello guys, V2 buster image, kernel 5.4 from an NVMe drive. It works mostly fine but I've been having a consistent issue with copying directories with large files from a USB 3 drive to the internal NVMe. After `cp -r` the green LED of the board stops flashing and it reboots by itself. Unfortunately I can't get logs after the reboot so I don't know how to post more info about this. I never had this issue with the original board with the same USB3 ASM1051E SATA 6Gb/s bridge.
  14. You can follow this to know what's been going on :