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  1. I don't own a NanoPi M4, but based on my reading of the different forums could the information (CPU governor and frequencies) in this thread help?
  2. I haven't bought anything yet . I'm too cautious and wanted to make sure I'm doing the right thing and understanding what I'm doing first. Thank you again, you've been very patient and very helpful!
  3. Yep, thanks. I knew that. It was more a question for down the track if I decided to use an old PC case or something to allow me to have more HDDs. So the DC out for the SATA drives on the board can power 4x3.5" drives if needed if it has a 12V 8A PSU? You would just need a 4 way splitter to go from the one DC output to the 4 drives correct?
  4. You have been an enormous help! Thank you. I'll ask one more question if that's OK? I notice that you mentioned you have 4 HDDs in the case, and the PCI-e Adapter you helped me with has 4 SATA connections. The power supply on the Pine64 store is 12V 5A. I'm pretty sure this is not powerful enough to power both the RockPro64 and 4 x 3.5" HDDs as the power supply for my Helios4 is 12V 8A. How are you powering your 4 HDDs and the board? How do I know how much and what sort of power supply I would need? Thanks again
  5. Ahh I didn't initially understand what you meant when you said this. But doing some research "255" refers to the PWM settings, correct? So with the new kernel if the fan spins always at "255" that means it always spins at it's maximum RPM correct? OK. So Noctua fans appear to be very well respected and reviewed, and very high quality. The Pine64 case allows for an 80mm fan (which is also what they sell on their website). Did you feel that this was not big enough? I see that I could buy an 80mm Noctua fan and not need to cut a bigger hole in the NAS case..... So did you create a new PWM ramp for which the maximum was 170 (i.e 0 to 170)? Would I be correct in understanding that this would set the maximum fan speed at 66.66% of the maximum RPM? Finally, from what I've found it seems as though all Noctua fans use a 3/4 pin connector. Whereas the RockPro64 header for the PWM fan is only 2-pin. How did you get around that?
  6. Thanks again. Any recommendations for the output?
  7. Thank you! Struggling to find most of those options in Australia . I think this is the same one.... https://www.amazon.com/Ziyituod-Controller-Expansion-Profile-Non-Raid/dp/B07SZDK6CZ
  8. Thank you @soerenderfor! I really appreciate your help
  9. Thanks very much for your feedback! Are there known SATA cards that should be avoided? Are you using the one from the Pine64 store? Did you need to make any adjustments to the CPU governor?
  10. Hi, I am looking at investing in a RockPro64 NAS setup using the Pine64 Desktop casing and other necessary accessories. I'm hoping to run OpenMediaVault on it and have 2 3.5" HDDs attached. The entire setup would be configured to be a backup of my operational NAS (Helios4) in a different location (i.e. different room of the house). My reading of the forum and the armbian download section has me a bit confused. The download section indicates that the board is supported, but the forum indicates it's a WIP. Just trying to understand the status/stability of the board for what I'm planning on using it for and whether it would be a good investment or a waste of money. Also wondering whether this post regarding updating the CPU governor is related - and will be a benefit - to the RockPro64 as both the NanoPi M4 and RockPro64 share the same SoC RK3399. Thanks
  11. That's fair enough. Thank you for replying. It's understandable that the wiki hasn't been updated yet given the release was so recent. Thank you
  12. Just wanting to do a fresh install of Armbian Buster to install OMV5 via the armbian-config tool. I notice that it has been mentioned that Armbian 20.05 is going to be released soon. In fact I can see here that it has been: https://www.armbian.com/helios4/#faq-section However, when I go to the Helios4 website and follow the documentation as to where to download the latest image from it tells me only 20.02 is available: https://wiki.kobol.io/download/ I'm just a little bit confused and was wondering if someone could tell me if the 20.05 image is good to use? Or whether I should wait until it is put on the Helios4 kobol website? Thanks
  13. Thanks @TRS-80, I was attempting to use the armbian-config as it was generally recommended in the Wiki section of the Helios4 docs on https://wiki.kobol.io/ Be happy to take any suggestions to get a simple mail server up and going
  14. Hi all, I am wanting to setup a mail server on my Helios4. I went through the armbian-config approach and saw that there is an item under softy called ISPConfig which relates to mail servers etc. Are there any instructions/documentation around setting up a mail server in this manner? Or is there a better option? Thanks in advance