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  1. 1-Wire working now admin@orangepipc:~$ ls /sys/bus/w1/devices 28-000003def4c0 w1_bus_master1 admin@orangepipc:/sys/bus/w1/devices/28-000003def4c0$ cat w1_slave c0 01 4b 45 1f ff 10 10 1f : crc=1f YES c0 01 4b 45 1f ff 10 10 1f t=28000 Temperature reading is 28*C Modules file: 8189es #gpio_sunxi w1-sunxi w1-gpio w1-therm #gc2035 This is the pin-out I used, *all physical pins Data -> pin 37 3.3v -> pin 1 GND -> pin 39 thanks everyone.
  2. I did run sudo armbianmonitor -u but I looked at the log from the site and my MAC / Serial # and other stuff was totally visible, so I decided not to post it. although I have root ssh disabled and Two Factor Authentication on it, I am a little paranoid especially for anything that connects to the outside world.
  3. Tried on 5v and nothing, it could also be another thing I installed that is interfering with 1wire, I installed Wiring Orange Pi on it, https://github.com/zhaolei/WiringOPand could be causing trouble either way the i2c bmp180 is working at getting the temperature (removed from my rpi to test on orange). All ready ordered another BMP180 since it is cheaper than an LM75A Next up is getting the IR Receiver sensor started up, and setting it up with an RTC DS3231
  4. Thanks for the info, but its still not working. Yes, it has a 4.7k resistor between data and power, Its working on a Rpi and on an arduino so the sensor works, tried 3 others I have, they are working fine Re-commented the gpio_sunxi and left only the following: 8189es w1-sunxi w1-gpio w1-therm followed by a restart, still no sensor if I comment out w1-sunxi, then nothing shows up not even w1_bus_master1 in /sys/bus/w1/devices/ the line "W1_GPIO: added w1 master on GPIO20" does not show up on dmesg lsmod Module Size Used by w1_therm 2498 0 w1_gpio 1402 0 wire 18294 2 w1_gpio,w1_therm w1_sunxi 1451 0 8189es 1076034 0 If I can't get it to work then I will purchase another BMP180 or another i2c temp sensor, I do have an unused DHT11 sensor, going to see if I can get that going. I need temperature to know when to turn on/off a cooler connected to a 433mhz remote, that is one of the project I have going, also most of my lights are wireless so I want a fully automated system
  5. First, thanks to everyone here who made this great os. I am trying to read a DS18B20 temperature sensor on my orange pi pc, but I can't get it to work. I hooked up ground and 3.3v to the sensor, the data line I placed it on gpio 20/ physical pin 37 as other posts suggest but it is not reading it. I edited /etc/modules-load.d/modules.conf and modified it to: 8189es gpio_sunxi w1-sunxi w1-gpio w1-therm #gc2035 it loads up in dmesg .... [ 6.030874] W1_SUNXI: Added w1-gpio on GPIO-20 [ 6.039203] Driver for 1-wire Dallas network protocol. .... but it is not visible in /sys/bus/w1/devices/ I tried other gpio sensors, currently I can read from an i2c sensor bmp180 and turn on/off lights with a 315/433mhz transmit module. in the /boot/bin/orangepipc.bin (using bin2fex) I can see the 1wire sensor is set correctly to pin 20, the sensor has its own pull-up resistor [w1_para] w1_used = 1 gpio = 20 I am running armbian Linux orange 3.4.112-sun8i #8 SMP PREEMPT Tue May 31 19:00:17 CEST 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux I also plan on adding an RTC. Thanks for any help.
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