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  1. Newest Version 1.0.2 has this automatically turned on
  2. So installation is straight forward. I just use the .deb provided for my *buntu system (choose the right one for your's here). Flashing & verifying a unpacked armbian image file works straight ahead and without any problems. Difference to etcher is amazing, specially the program start which is virtually instant with usbimager while etcher always takes a minimum of 2 to 3 seconds till the gui is presented (starting from internal ssd) Using the packed (7-zip) archive will produce garbage because of lack of support for this file type Other thing which comes in really handy is the possibility to create a compressed image on the fly from the flash drive. So before flashing you can just take a compressed backup - very very nice!
  3. Fun fact: balena etcher (the tool for writing a armbian image) is bigger than every armbian image (non desktop versions) it will write.
  4. Balena really went to far into the wrong directions the last years already and I guess it's to late now to fix it for them (point of no return was probably the time they did the renaming to 'balena etcher'). It's important to know that balena is a company who wants to make money and nowadays this works by collecting your data and showing advertisements - simple than that. To suggest/promote or even to link to etcher is clearly wrong in 2020 imho. Maybe two or three years ago etcher was the first program to write and verify images with a simple gui. Luckily this times are over nowadays and their is various programs who offer the same. I have to say I like USBImager a lot, save & simple gui: Not only that it's about a factor of 1.000 smaller in size than etcher the author also claims to comply with GDPR which balena etcher on the other hand doesn't really take serious again. Taken from: It's really time to overcome etcher. RIP etcher!
  5. I did. Hopefully this one doesn't bother you to much. I'm not very creative with usernames you can see... Thank's for the writeup @chwe I really appreciate it as I wasn't aware of a couple of things. For example that @balbes150 is the lonely warrior about tv boxes and decides about what tv box the community is allowed to talk (or not in my case) Still I feel not comfortable in this forum as the main reason I signed up was to post this thread and get some research done about this tv box (and maybe other owners to hook on the thread) but as it is closed now maybe it's time to move on and don't waste my time here with armbian and this (for me) somehow toxic community
  6. Why not close or directly delete this thread?
  7. No offence, I use armbian a lot on many SBC which would be otherwise just paperweights. But here it's certainly not about the technical part but about the human part. #notProudOfTheArmbianCommunity I know this projects runs on volunteers and donations only but still what happening already within 4 days within signing up is much to much. I participate in a lot's of communities (mainly open source, mainly run by volunteers) but something like here - and with this amount - never happens to me anywhere in my whole live (and for sure I don't had only good experiences I can tell)... So maybe @Igor as the founder of armbian wants to comment on this and gives his opinion?
  8. Wow! I read already on other sites that this armbian community has some weird views about what's allowed and what information will be depublished or simply that they are 'famous' for censorship. I actually run directly in it as my thread was directly deleted and just later on - after complaints - released with a deleted link. But why then get's my thread just locked now after 15 replies and not directly deleted? Or why does have one person in this forum the right to tell what's interesting for the community or not? Funny (or sad?) enough that even in the first link in my the thread you can read about the armbian moderators abusing there powers... I guess this thread here is gone in 3, 2, 1... no problems here please continue like nothing happens, business as usual
  9. So wifi should be a (sh*tty/unsupported) SSV6051P but the board/soc itself should be already supported in mainline Linux using the TX3 device tree.
  10. AFAIK the *elec systems are based on Linux and use recent kernels. If they run on the box and (maybe) even WiFi this information is highly valuable for armbian - if I understand it right. To know that a custom android ROM exist doesn't maybe help that much but even that is a complementary information for people who seek for information about this box and end up in this forum. I understand you don't like this box or even the soc. But as I posted - it's maybe 20% more for you but for others it simply many 100% more. If you have any valuable information about this TV box your posts are very welcome @balbes150 Here are is a shot from inside (1G/8G version) I found in this thread (more in the link) Looks like a s905w and a piece of flash to me. If it's a nand or emmc I can't tell @hexdump ? Let's see what I get...
  11. I did some research but the cheapest box with a s905x3 was going shipped for around $25 (2g/16g/100M without power plug/hdmi cable) which is not only $7 more than the one I bought but also exceeds the custom free limit in my country which not only involves monetary fees but also a 3 hours drive (one way) to pay and get my stuff. So even the price looks close (just around 20% more, actually 30%) it can be already out of reach for people in some countries... Any way: Back to topic How would I (try) to boot a armbian on a s905w TV box without the microSD. Some one mentions a USB boot is possible? Does this work "out of the box" if a bootable USB is present or are there modifications necessary before Is there any links/information available (maybe for other boxes with same soc)?
  12. Let's See. I don't have it yet. To me it looks like that at least *elec is supported and a custom Android Rom is also available. My usecase is to replace my raspberry pi kodi box on my more than 10 year old TV to get a fresh(er) experience. I have a tight budget and are triying to use as little (money & resources) as possible. I just thought I check out if armbian is supported because it's nice to know and always great for a later live of a device. I used to own a beelink x2 (all winner h3) which is now serving as very reliable home assistant box based on armbian in his second live. This is valuable information. Any ideas how I could test the real amount of flash from inside android? For Linux I used to work with f3 which writes a disk full and then verifies the data after. You know then how big the drive is and have a simple benchmark for continuous writing big files. And ides how to check the real amount of ram out of android would be also very useful
  13. Some one wrote in the comments from cnx: That sounds nice. But who Balbes? @balbes150 maybe?
  14. Hello community, I wonder how Armbian could run on this (now dirt cheap*) Mecool M8S Plus W Android 7.1 TV Box (Amlogic 905W) which doesn't have a microSD card slot or even ethernet. *Did I say dirt cheap? Around $18 shipped for the 2GB/16GB RAM/ROM sounds cheap - doesn't it? See here for more information: