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  1. Hi i've tried everything now and really out of options and almost out of hair..... Hardware: 32GB or 256GB Samsung EVO Plus Sd-Card 500GB Samsung USB SATA SSD (MU-PA500B) Odroid N2 with the latest petit boot All images with kernel 4.9 will boot straight of the SSD without a problem or much work. But when i try images anything above 4.9 it won't boot , whatever i do: What have i tried with the images with kernel 5.4X 1) Image straight to SSD Black screen nothing happens ( SPI or MMC mode makes no difference) 2) Image on Sd-card, boot into Armbian and use :sudo armbian-config * System --> Install - installs to SATA, eMMC, NAND or USB --> Boot from SD : System on SATA or USB.--> wait for about 8 minutes and reboot. screen 3) Flash image with 4.9X kernel directly on SSD, boot into Armbian. Use : sudo armbian-config and change kernel there and reboot. screen Flipping the switches from SPI to MMC and back doesn't help.
  2. Thanks martinayotte but I tried that but ended up with a bad disk: This is what i get with fdisk -l ( used a 32gb sd to create the image that is now on the SSD) Device Boot Start End Sectors Size Id Type /dev/sda1 8192 61324351 61316160 29,2G 83 Linux But when i try to write with fdisk i get this: First sector (65535-976773167, default 65535): So this will render the drive unbootable And it seems i'm not the only only one having this trouble with fdisk( and maybe that's why Armbian doesn't resize the partition ) I ended up using another Linux computer to use Parted. That seemed to work. fdisk is not the right tool to use and that's causing the problems, so it seems.
  3. Hi, I've seen the question asked many times but there is no working solution for this( ? ) Hardware: Odroid N2 500GB Samsung USB3.1 T5 SSD What i've done: Downloaded the Odroid N2 image Put in on the SSD It boots and it installs without problems. but with a problem and that it's NOT resizing the partition like it does when you install on a SD-card. I edited the boot.ini and the fstab to use /dev/sda1. I even edited the /usr/lib/armbian/armbian-resize-filesystem to hardcode /dev/sda1 into the file When i run sudo systemctl start armbian-resize-filesystem nothing happens. Well if i added an extra partition it's gone after that. Luckily i had no data on it yet because i'm still exploring. Is there any good way to get this working on the SSD ( or any other media that is not a SD or eMMC card. ).