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  1. Hi, I am having similar issues as reported by Meier, difference is I am running a NanoPi M4v2. I tried all images available (server only) resulting in the same behavior. Kernel panics, system freezes, reboots etc. To me this happens more frequent than is described by Meier, sometimes the system panics during boot or during 'heavy' disk activity. It always happens between 30 seconds and 2 mins in watching something on PLEX. I don't have any logs as nothing is logged when this happens, I have a screen shot of a kernel panic if needed. Right now I am using FriendlyCore Bionic and the system has been running stable for several weeks. My Setup: - NanoPi M4v2 - SATA Hat - 12V 10A power supply (through 4 pin power conn on sata hat) - 16Gb eMMC - 3x 3.5" hhd's - Buster/Bionic server (2020/01/25) with 4.4/5.4 (tried all versions) - Clean firmware image with no additional config done. - Latest Plex Media Server installed. - No other software or changes were made to the system. I ruled out hardware issues (well as much as possible) as I have tried 3 different NanoPi M4v2's, 2 different SATA Hats, 3 different eMMC modules, different hard drives. It seems what Meier and I have in common is disk access over PCIe, not sure if this is where the issue is. I really would like to use Armbian for my projects as I have been successfully using it for years on other boards and always running perfectly. Thanks!