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  1. Hello, I will use the BPI M3 with armbian and a GPU support. With my understandig GPU is with the normal installation not activated. What is the way to actvate this? Many thanks for the support, André
  2. Thank you Igor, now the CAN-bus is available. André
  3. Hello, with "lsmod | grep can" I have no result. The log file is attached. André armbian-hardware-monitor.log
  4. Hello, I will use the integrated CAN-Controller with the actual version of Armbian Bionic (or Buster) on the BananaPi-M1 Actually it is not possible to activate the CAN-Bus. I had activate the CAN in the armbian-config. After a reboot I the CAN0 is not integrate in the list from "ifconfig -a". What are the steps to activate the CAN-Bus on the BananaPi M1. Many thanks, André