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  1. TRS 80 and Cornelius, thanks for your advice, but at the moment I'm waiting for a Tritium H5 board to arrive in the mail. The reason I am banking on a new board solving this is that the SD port on my Renegade would sometimes spit the SD back out, so it was a bit finicky. If this problem continues on a different model board with a different kernel of Armbian, then the fault is in the SD or peripherals.
  2. Igor, Thank you for your assistance. I haven't had any luck with trying out different SDs. I originally tried an A2 SD by mistake, and it worked just as the A1 I am currently tinkering with works. I just tried Armbian Buster, as you suggested, but it appears that without the desktop environment and only armbian-config to work in, I am unable to connect to my WiFi network for some reason I cannot figure out. I don't have the know-how to boot into desktop from there, if that's a possibility on mainline Buster at all. Cornelius, Thanks for your input. I am unfamiliar with what Alsa and ASoC are. Building my own img seems sounds like an undertaking a new-comer such as myself is unable to complete. Blacklisting, however, might be within my reach with some help. What more can you tell me about the ASoC module and blacklisting it, (open to anyone)? If the only solutions to this issue are beyond my grasp, would my best bet lie in switching from a Renegade to a Tritium? Could a new board solve the problem, or is the issue assuredly with the SD? I only need an SBC for use as a desktop that can run basic applications, not much else.
  3. I have reviewed relevant pages in the Documentation, but haven't found a solution to changing the filesystem's write-protected status. I wrote to the SDs using Etcher. Despite this I have run into this issue. What specific direction should I turn my attention to?
  4. A problem I'm having with my fresh install of Armbian Bionic on my Libre Renegade board is that I cannot use the user login due to read-only file system warnings. Root login does allow more freedom, but comes with its own drawbacks. Prior to writing Armbian to the chip from Windows, I formatted the chip exFAT. I've reinstalled Armbian mutiple times on multiple chips, but even the recommended A1 SD doesn't work. I'm not sure where the problem lies. Is this strictly a hardware issue? Is there any non-extensive ways to workaround or fix the problem in the terminal? I'm not too familiar with Linux terminology, but can figure out common terms. I can supply more information if needed. Any and all help is appreciated.