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  1. I see. Yes, it makes sense. Since I've noticed that some DTBs enable certain components while others enable others, I was hoping there was a script (or someone could write it) that would load all the DTBs in a directory and let you pick individual components in the DTBs to create a new DTB. I could write such script myself if I understood the structure of these files. Another option could be a "DTB Viewer" of sorts. Is there such thing?
  2. Earlier in this thread some people were talking about editing the DTB files since some components appeared to be clashing with each other, but nobody said anything else on the topic. My box is an X96 Max+ (RTL8211F) Like some other people I'm trying to run a headless server, so I don't need sound, I don't mind weird colours but I very much need gigabit ethernet and USB3. @SteeMan and @balbes150 since you guys know a lot about the inner workings of these devices, is it possible to customise these DTB files to disable components to make sure only the ones we actually need work? If so, how one would go on about it? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, although I've been using this forum for months, this actually is my first post. So, hello everyone! Anyway, I just got an "X96 Max+" box and like other people here I went through the same troubles. I hoping this guy will be my headless Plex server, so no need for audio, or fancy HDMI features such as CEC, etc. USB 3.0, yes, I need that but I haven't got round to testing it to see if it gives good transfer rate yet as my biggest concern right now is to get the 1gig ethernet working. With the meson-g12a-x96-max.dtb file it does seem to detect it, but it won't communicate with the network even if I assign it a static IP. Is this a matter for good old driver install? In another news: I've noticed that the coreelec guys have a working dtb with 1gbps ethernet since december. Is it possible to port that dtb file somehow? thanks!
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