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  1. i have a mxq pro 4k with a h3 processor I am not able to boot to any image till now its 8gb Rom and 2gb Ram. i think the big problem is Nand(not emmc) storage. here are the board pictures
  2. can sd card be a problem? its not class 10 but it works well on the pc and orange pi.
  3. no luck with anything. i tried 4.4 image and dtb as told by @caruso and dd trust.img and uboot.img. Nothing on the screen. even i copied trust.img and uboot.img to the uboot directory. Please help i have a95x z2 2gb/16gb 5 pieces in which i want to install linux. i must be missing something. @balbes150 please any help is appriciated.
  4. @caruso will i have to dd trust.img and boot.img? if yes boot.img from @hexdump?
  5. huge applaud to really great preole out there. I have a95x z2 rk3318 2gb Ram 16gb Rom model. i have tried @hexdump dtb, trust.img from @caruso and used 'armbian_20.02.0-rc1.038_rk3328-tv_bionic_current_5.5.0-rc6_desktop_20200205.img.xz' from the firrst link I get nothing but unsupported on my hdmi monitor. please help with the file selection. Especially @Tarzanus as you got the same device, in 4gb ram model
  6. Hi everyone, I have 3 these weird kind of boxes, which have allwinner h3 processor, 1gb Ram and 8gb NAND flash. I want an armbian image that could work with this. beelink x2 link is down l. and I have tried Orange pi pc plus image. but it does not boot.
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