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  1. Thanks for pointing out the voltastream board, will take a a look at it. I know the community of ARMBIAN is quite full and busy, so i will look further.
  2. we are logging quite much raw GNSS data in the order of a few Mb in 15min. Called PPK/RTK methods, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real-time_kinematic used for surveying applications
  3. Dear Armbian community, we are looking for a low-power SBC with (deep sleep) / poweroff features for IoT applications. Arduino or any other MCU board are not suitable for doing our use cases, so we are investigating the use of an low-power SBC. i.MX6ULL (https://www.seeedstudio.com/NPi-i-MX6ULL-Dev-Board-Industrial-Grade-Linux-SBC-eMMC-Version-p-4221.html) has an integrated PMU with a lot of different low-power modes. Like SNVS mode, where only the power for the SNVS domain remain on. In this mode, only the RTC and tamper detection logic is still active This board is quietly new is there any possibility that this board can be supported by the Armbian community. Thankyou in advance. IMX6ULLIEC.pdf
  4. Use case is GNSS (GPS) data logging at regular time intervals, every day/week. When the SBC is active he will log it's data send it away through LTE cat 1 modem and goes back to sleep. The whole system should run on a battery (LiPo / Li-ion), we love do this without the use of small solar panels. Thanks
  5. Nielo


  6. @5ktft: Thanks for pointing out this detailed information. Do you have any suggestion which board consumes power in deep sleep mode in the range of µA?
  7. Hi Igor& martinayotte, The Nanopi Fire 3 LTS does do the job with the poweron/poweroff in combination with the RTC battery. This PMU is based on the Cortex-M0 MCU. Does anyone know what is the power consumption of the board when it's in deep sleep mode? Will draw power from my main LIPO battery? or will it use only the RTC battery to stay alive? Thanks, Camiel
  8. Hi martinayotte, thanks, any result on your new patch for the RTC wakeup function? The board looks nice. Could we use the LIPO battery together with the PSU and will it act like a UPS (power loss)?? Thanks, for all your help.
  9. Hi Martinayotte, Thanks for your answer. Ok, so i need a board with a ''PMIC'' like the Nanopi fire 3 or NanoPi M4/M4V2? Are there smaller (low power) boards.... as well, any suggestion? Thanks, Camiel
  10. Dear Armbian community, I like to use the RTC connector of the Nanopi R1 and i'm using an CR2032 3Volt/220mAH battery. However i can't find any documentation of the right syntax, neither on the wiki page of friendlyarm or somewhere else. I tried: The syntax of the Nanopi Fire 3 (6.16: http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index.php/NanoPi_Fire3) Syntax of odroid boards (N2 and XU4) "default rtcwake" commands in armbian. I enabled all I2C pins in ''armbian-config'' Probably i need some rtc driver?? I'm using the Nanopi R1 one for an IoT GNSS logging project and i like to poweroff the board and wake up after 24hrs to start with a new measurement and so on. Could someone help me with this issue? thankyou in advance. Kind regards, Camiel Duijts
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