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  1. Sorry, my fault, wrong gpio used. Apologise.
  2. Hi everyone. I almost gave up while reading tons of forums:( I bought CO2 sensor MH-Z19 from aliexpress. As I figured out this sensor used by RPi without any problems. Manual I found here: https://www.circuits.dk/testing-mh-z19-ndir-co2-sensor-module/ I connected module as mentioned: Vin - 2 pin gpio GND - 9 pin Tx - 13 pin Rx - 11 pin Module was blinking when I powered on my OPi, but when I tried to send data to UART nothing happened. I got timeout. I tried to connect Tx and Rx (11 and 13 pin) by cable, then sent bytes and immediatley got answer, UART work, as I understood. I checked uart in armbian-config menu and all (1,2,3) was enabled. Orange PI PC Plus Linux orangepipcplus 5.4.30-sunxi #20.02.9 SMP Mon Apr 6 19:46:24 CEST 2020 armv7l GNU/Linux Can somebody help me, please?
  3. Hi there. I've got the problem with boot from emmc when empty SD card is installed. Opi PC+ Armbian (debian 9 stretch) Kernel 5.4.20-sunxi I've moved OS from SD to emmc using armbian-config util, then format SD with fat and now when I power on my OPi without SD card all is ok, but when SD installed boot get stuck with error "Script failed", unknown device... I've tried to chang mmc0‘s sdc_detmode, but doesn't have /boot/script.bin Can anyone help? Thank you.
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