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  1. No, it is working (well for me is) since about Armbian 20.11.10
  2. There's a new image, Armbian_20.11_Orangepilite2_buster_current_5.8.16.img.xz but I see it hangs as well
  3. Damn... it freezes again I'm on kernel 5.7.15 and I apt-mark hold it
  4. I confirm On my OPiLite2 after update or with fresh image it was freezing I wrote older image (found 20.05) and changed kernel to 5.9.1 Now after update it keeps kernel and seems working stable EDIT I've did update today and went to kernel 5.8.16 works without freezing...
  5. I wrote a new fresh image of focal fossa and It seems to be rebooting properly from eMMC without any TF card inserted
  6. Is there a way to do your workaround without re-flashing eMMC? Like writing FriendlyElec on any other SD and connect it after system boots from eMMC already having system?
  7. Hello, That's my problem as well I was writing about it In my case the easiest way is just having empty SD card in slot and it reboots again but I will try Your solution, Dennboy I guess the friendyarm image you mention about is the image from FriendlyARM wiki? Regards
  8. Unfortunately it is not rebooting anymore I placed old 1GB TF cart (empty, formatted to EXT4 same filesystem as eMMC) and reboots again... After doing updating the bootloader stopped rebooting again (with and without TF card) Powered on, updated the bootloader again and it's rebooting. With present TF card of course...
  9. Well I found myself stupid The power supply I was using was 3A, I tried 4A and it reboots now Funny but I newer had issues with power supply... You can laugh at me now
  10. But why is it working from TF/SD card? I have no reboot problems from card til I switch to eMMC
  11. OK Ty for the reply I will stay on TF for now...
  12. Hello I am using NPiNeoPlus2 board (ordered Neo2 but they send me Neo Plus2) I red this is not officially supported but it works some way The image works from TF but when I write it to eMMC it boots it works but can't reboot I type reboot and I get (serial) $ sudo reboot [sudo] password for onir: [ OK ] Stopped target Timers. [ OK ] Stopped Daily apt upgrade and clean activities. Stopping Authorization Manager... [ OK ] Stopped Stopping Session 2 of user onir. [ OK ] Closed Load/Save RF Kill Switch Status /dev/rfkill Watch. [ OK ] Stop