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  1. Thanks a lot @Juanjo ! Your dtb has indeed fixed eth0 interface on my Beelik GT1 (armbian bionic version 5.6.0-rc7-arm-64).
  2. I have it installed on my Beelik GT1 following stricly those steps (and using qemuarm-64 for the superviser install): Do you guys have a working ethernet connection with your GT1 (I tried khadas-vim2, q200, q201 and many other .dtb but I can only get wifi working, not eth0) ?
  3. As I was still searching for a solution to get eth0 working on beelink gt1, I've come across this: My understanding is that the dev branch includes a patch that will generate an additional .dtb file specifically for beelink gt1. Therefore, I tried tried to compile the image from source code. Although this works fine with the "current" branch, compilation fails with the dev branch. I naively tried to add the gt1 patch as a
  4. Small update on my research to make the image work with Beelink GT1: After trying a few things, I eventually decided to start again from scratch with Armbian_20.05.1_Arm-64_bionic_current_5.6.0-rc7_20200404.img.xz. After installing, same problem on clean install. I then tried to go back to 20200331 version, which was previously working. To my surprise, and despite using the exact same image (clean format using balenaEtcher), it was also not working anymore ! I thought about an hardware problem, but rebooting on android emmc system prove me wrong as ethernet was there working fine. I then fla
  5. I have a similar issue, also with beelink GT1 2Gb ram (S912): with Armbian_20.05.0_Arm-64_bionic_current_5.6.0-rc6_20200331.img, eth0 and wlan0 eventually started to work using dtb q200 (was NOT the case with previous RC6 img, was previously running an old 4.20 kernel img) BUT today I had a small power failure and on reboot, I started to loose eth0 support again, with following error in kern.log: Apr 7 14:32:56 localhost kernel: [ 11.076849] meson8b-dwmac c9410000.ethernet eth0: no phy at addr -1 Apr 7 14:32:56 localhost kernel: [ 11.076859] meson8b-dwmac c9410000.ethernet eth0: stmm
  6. Might also be worth mentionning that wifi is also not working (less of a problem in my case though). It seems so strange that it was working with an older kernel with vim2 dtb and not anymore with the new one. I'm wondering if I missed something, especially since this is quite a popular device and that I doubt being the only one trying to get the new armbian image working on it. (And I take this opportunity to thanks everyone, especially balbes150 ofc, involved in this project for the amaizing work done ).
  7. Hello guys, I'm trying to get armbian 20.05 buster on a Beelink GT1 2GB, but unfortunately I cannot get ethernet to work. I had success with an older version (4.20.5-aml-s912 ubuntu armbian) with khadas-vim2 dtb, but the same dtb from 20.05 does not work (no eth0 interface). Using q201 dtb seems to make the eth0 interface available but it won't actually connect (dhcp failing, manual configuration also not working). Has anyone managed to get ethernet working on recent kernel with Beelink GT1 ?