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  1. Hi Balbes, I write an armbian image (generic) to an USB thumb; I manage to do that. Than I put a .dtb file I found for sun50iw9p1-dts in the directory with other dtb files. Then I edit the uEnv.txt file and point it to my .dtb file. Now the question...What need I to do to let the TV box boot from a SD card (not the USB cause I suspect that from usb does not work). Must I download a u-boot file and dd it to the sd card? Which u-boot must I have? Here below the specs of th TV box: Allwinner H616 Mali G31 linux for T95 Allwinner H616 Android 10 TV Box https://forum.armbian.c
  2. Hi gounthar, some hope for armbian on a H616 soc?
  3. Hi, what about h616? is there something compatible yet?
  4. Hi, I have a allwinner 616 too. Nothing found yet which I can boot with. Did you find something useful?
  5. Hi, nothing news about H616 allwinner support?
  6. Hi, found some more info about Allwinner H616 on See attached dts file too sun50iw9p1-dts.txt
  7. Hi Hexdump. I have an Allwinner H616 (pretty new box with android 10). Could it work with the u-boot-sunxi-spl-h6-noname.bin and a generic Armbian? Should I try or may be wait for newer development?
  8. Right, but... I should see some boot on screen I believe...or am I wrong? I do not see anything at all, that's why I believe I'm doing something wrong. Cheers.
  9. Thanks...I wrote with dd (linux) the armbian image to the card. Then I wrote with dd (same parameters, only another image name) the u-boot to the card. But I think it's not the right way cause gparted sees the card as damaged. example: sudo dd if=Armbian_20.02.1_Pineh64_bionic_current_5.4.20.img of=/dev/sda status=progress bs=4M && sudo sync How am I suppoed to write the u-boot image after the armbian image? Thank for your advice!
  10. Hi, I bag pardon for my maybe stupid question. Do I need a u-boot extra image + the armbian distro? I usally only burn the Armbian image with dd (linux) to a SD Card. Is that sufficient? Cause I do not see anything happen when I try to boot with the SD Card. I Have a T95 Allwinner H616 Mali G31 MP2 4GB LPDDR4 loke in this review: Help would be very appreciated.
  11. Thanks a lot for your time and feedback. Is there a way to get a signal when a Armbian port available is?
  12. Hi, Please advice about which Armbian + .dtb is needed to boot a T95 Allwinner H616 Mali G31, 4Gig lpddr3 32Gig ROM. Have already tried several distro's but never seen boot splash screen. Zanfi