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  1. hi success here too :-(. If someone found a dtb for recent armbian here and I would be happy :-) some others too.
  2. yes...many ! :-(. I´m still waiting for progress and hoped to get news with this post it´s annoying :-(. regards arel
  3. is there some progress ? ...I´m in amirul´s boat ;-). Would like to extract a dtb from an Android image use it to boot "Linux/Armbian" on an Android TV Box (in my case a X88 King...a real cheap S922X based TV comparison to other S922x boxes)
  4. far as I could see someone in russia is implementing, but based on Android Kernel, a custom Android firmware....maybe they could help ? ... they (i guess) discussed several issues and solutions....maybe someone with russian tongue could help there....keep your fingers crossed...maybe some skills to extract dtb based on their kernel-source ? and to get it done to access usb......;-).
  5. Hi there, I´ve bought the X88 King...but did not read this thread before i bought this fault . The reason i´ve bought it was to run balbes Armbian...the box should be my "Server" for serveral services like "home automation, NAS, TVHEADEND-Server, Docker etc." in other words my Homeserver based on a low power ARM-system. After I´ve tetsted several balbes-images ;-) and dtb´s to start I always get to the point which was mentionend ethernet,no usb.... I´ve bought the X88 at spend 130 Bucks for the ugoos or the Odroid N2 wouldnt be my favourite,. If there is ANY Chance to find a way to find a workaround to get usb OR ethernet up and runnning in armbian would be a dream. So...please go on to investigate on X88 :-)´s a real cheap and powerful platform of s922x. regards arel