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  1. good job! hi Staars I have rtd1295 tvbox how install armbian on my tvbox? UART cable info: U-Boot 2012.07-g593d2f1-dirty (Sep 01 2016 - 15:39:48) CPU : Cortex-A7 dual core Board: Realtek QA Board DRAM: 1 GiB Watchdog: Disabled Cache: Enabled Non-Cache Region: 1 MB@0x07900000 MMC: rtk_emmc : Detect chip rev. >= B RTD1195 eMMC: 0 rtk_emmc : Detect chip rev. >= B mmc->version=0x00010000 version=0x00000004 SDR select (sample/push) : 0x00/0x00 [LY] cardtype=57, mmc->card_caps=0f [LY] TBD : to support DDR50/HS200