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  1. Where can I find new version of kernel deb packages to update a installed distribution?
  2. I made a copy of the 'aml_autoscript' file and renamed it to 'factory_update_param.ubt' then rebooted to stock recovery. It's work for my bootloader. System has loaded fine. Thanks for your job!!! Does this distribution has custom kernel? Can I use 'apt upgrade' in the future? Will standard deb packages from armbian rewrite kernel?
  3. But the update application can't find the '' file in first part of SD card. It works fine to run a custom recovery (in run-time, without installation) for example. If I put the recovery zip image in same place of same SD card, update application can find it. But it can't find ''. I tried to use stock recovery to install but I had the error from attached image.
  4. I have TVbox MyGica atv329x with s905x SOC. I have stock firmware with Android 7.1 I have never applied patches, custom firmware e.t.c. I use the 'Armbian_20.05.0_Arm-64_buster_current_5.6.0-rc4_20200304.img' image to write on SD card using dd. I have prepared SD: set 'meson-gxl-s905x-p212.dtb' into 'uEnv.txt', wrote the 'u-boot-odroid-c2.img' u-boot image using dd commands from this topic. But I can't enable a universal multiboot. Standard android update utility is empty. I tried to set different source there (External SD, Internal SD). I tried to install the 'aml_autoscr