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  1. Where can I find new version of kernel deb packages to update a installed distribution?
  2. I made a copy of the 'aml_autoscript' file and renamed it to 'factory_update_param.ubt' then rebooted to stock recovery. It's work for my bootloader. System has loaded fine. Thanks for your job!!! Does this distribution has custom kernel? Can I use 'apt upgrade' in the future? Will standard deb packages from armbian rewrite kernel?
  3. But the update application can't find the 'aml_autoscript.zip' file in first part of SD card. It works fine to run a custom recovery (in run-time, without installation) for example. If I put the recovery zip image in same place of same SD card, update application can find it. But it can't find 'aml_autoscript.zip'. I tried to use stock recovery to install but I had the error from attached image.
  4. I have TVbox MyGica atv329x with s905x SOC. I have stock firmware with Android 7.1 I have never applied patches, custom firmware e.t.c. I use the 'Armbian_20.05.0_Arm-64_buster_current_5.6.0-rc4_20200304.img' image to write on SD card using dd. I have prepared SD: set 'meson-gxl-s905x-p212.dtb' into 'uEnv.txt', wrote the 'u-boot-odroid-c2.img' u-boot image using dd commands from this topic. But I can't enable a universal multiboot. Standard android update utility is empty. I tried to set different source there (External SD, Internal SD). I tried to install the 'aml_autoscript.zip' file using the stock recovery but I had the error 'zip is currupt'. It's very strange that the 'aml_autoscript.zip' file has zero size and it's empty. # du -h aml_autoscript.zip 0 aml_autoscript.zip # cat aml_autoscript.zip # Is there a manual way to install multiboot using root access to the system?
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