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  1. Hello everyone, I am thinking about moving the Helios4 into a Inter-Tech SC-4100 case. The backplane in that case has only one Molex powerconnector. So is it possible to combine both power connectors on the board (J14 + J19) into one ? Thanks Br, Joe
  2. Hi Igor, Thanks a lot. Good to know. For future expansion I would go for a second pair of HDD also in mirror. BR Joe
  3. Hello, I am about to finally put my helios4 in operation. For the moment a two drive mirror setup is planned. The drive limitation given in the wiki is still valid? Max Raw Capacity: 48 TB (12 TB drive x 4) Is there a hard- or software limit for 12 TB or could I use 2 x 16 TB drives (like the Seagate Exos X X16) ? Thanks Br, Joe