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  1. I downloaded the x11 driver (http://malideveloper.arm.com/downloads/drivers/binary/r7p0-02rel0/mali-t62x_r7p0-02rel0_linux_1+x11.tar.gz) and recompiled kodi.... now the error changed saying that DDK was built for 0x620 r0p1 but none of the GPUs matched. I think i would need the driver compiled for this kernel.. but im not sure... Any idea ?
  2. Dears, Is there any recent Kodi compilation for XU4 ? Ive build it myself but whenever i try to load it, it gives me an warning saying that GLX/DRI2 is not supported and it also fails to open swrast. The other try i did is to download the .deb package from the mdrjr repository and unfortunately i get the same error. I believe i am missing the right drivers.... By the way, l today was my first experience with armbian... and honestly, i am very impressed. Any ideas ? Best, hippie