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  1. thank you @lgranie, it realy show work in progress in the website, but i found h264 and vp9 vdec code have merged to 5.7-rc1, i don't konw what other thing need to do, could you show some detail?
  2. Hi All, I found that v5.7-rc1 has merged amlogic's vp9 video decoding and h264 decoding codes, but when using VIM1 to test the latest images (Armbian_20.05.2_Arm-64_bionic_current_5.7.0-rc1_desktop_20200423.img.xz), I found that hardware decoding does not seem to work. Is anyone interested in this? Did I miss any steps? How did I test: When I use the default player to play the mp4 file on the desktop, I find that the CPU usage is significantly higher, but when I use the built-in chrom browser to play YouTube's vp9 video, the CPU usage is close to 100% , It looks like hardware decoding is not working. Looking forward to help, thank you in advance.
  3. Hi flippy, thank you very much for your sharing about N1 and Beikeyun. i found that armbian for RK3328 can support video decode by a script , may i use the script on Baikeyun with your image? thank you.