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    delius got a reaction from NicoD in Unable to make Panfrost work on H6   
    Hi, NicoD
    I actually enjoy your video @ youtube a lot. Thank you first.
    According my current 5.6 kernel: Yes, the GPU clockrate is required to imposed. Or it will get really unstable if you enable panfrost.
    If you have a newer kernel, you might try it without setting clockrate first. If thing went bad for you, just remember to try this.
    I use the kernel ripped from libreELEC at
    I made changes into build system config to use this kernel
    For the root, I use Gentoo's and emerge mesa with VIDEO_CARDS="panfrost."
    And the patched of ffmpeg at 
    These enable my setup to have hardware decoding with DRMPRIME kodi. 
    If you have ever bumped any problem, you might consider what I list here as alternative approach.
    Good luck