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  1. Here are pictures for the P1 hat.
  2. What do you mean with M2? Is it M4/M4V2? This is my hat for it.
  3. That's a good idea. I'll see what tool is best used in Android to burn the image. I've never used android for it, but since people with P1/M1 certainly have Android it is a great idea. I've got a video planned where I show a full installation of Armbian Buster Legacy. I can start it in Android. I'll make the video when my NVMe hat arrives. Thanks for the idea. I wouldn't have thought about it. p.s. I've got a Mecool KM6 with S905X4 to review Android 10 on it. I don't suppose there will be Armbian for this? Just asking so I don't say anything wrong. I like the box, but I can't get us
  4. Hi all. In this video I show how to install Open Media Vault on your SBC with Armbian Buster. I've used the Odroid HC4, this is the same for any board you'd like to use. Here my video. Greetings. NicoD
  5. @SpirareThere was a problem with the earlier image. I thought it was solved now but haven't tried yet. This image from the backups does work.
  6. I used large video files and iso's of multiple GB. Using the desktop with default file manager. After a few seconds it shows at what rate it transfers. No idea where the bottleneck is. I want to try if I connect the HC4 with 5Ghz wifi if it then is faster. And with both devices connected to my router with cable. But haven't gotten to it. Too little time for too much to do.
  7. I would have loved to have the PBP. But it's a bit too expensive. I've got my self made SBC "laptops". Either my first with a 7" 1024x600 display and Odroid C2 or RPi2b to save energy. All together -1A 5V. And my 13.3" 1080p display either with M4V2 or Khadas VIM3. The display alone is 1.2A. I then clock my RK3399 to all cores 1Ghz for watching movies or internet. Uses less than 1A then. Still powerful enough. Also got speakers in my display. So having this already I didn't see the sense in buying the PBP. Too bad they don't want to work with me. I'd love to have reviewed the PBP, the Pi
  8. I've got the NVMe hat on the way. I asked the people of Firefly. I only needed to pay for the hat, so I'm happy. The extra $30 for shipping was a bit too much for me. It's more than the device is worth. I don't know if I mentioned it already. I replaced the thick thermal pad with copper shims. It doesn't overheat anymore. I'll show it in my review video. I needed 2 copper shims on top of each other to reach the height of the thermal pad. With copper shims of double the height would probably perform a bit better. Now the case does get very hot when used maxed out. The CPU used to go o
  9. I'm from Belgium and my mom her name is S. Delhaye(Sonja). So bit weird to see this. I know she knows nothing of these things. So it for sure ain't you. I've got a few RK3399 devices and love them all. Helios64 looks great. But I just bought the Odroid HC4 for NAS. So no use for this. You could share this in the Marketplace. Or I can move it for you. Good luck.
  10. Hi all. I've just finished a new video where I show the gameplay of EmuElec on the Odroid HC4. I must say I'm amazed by how well it performs. It doesn't perform that much worse than the Odroid N2+. The biggest advantage is that you can use a normal 3.5" hard drive for your games library. The single USB2 port is enough to connect your controller. Here's my video.
  11. My NVMe hat ain't coming. And the price also gone up. But will you receive it when you order??? I asked the seller what's wrong and didn't get a response. Too bad, I really wanted to try this.
  12. So if I put wheels under it, it will work better? Just joking. At least I'm not such an idiot using a smart-phone the whole day But that's a topic we could argue a lifetime about. I did "order" a 2nd Gbit router months ago with very long cables. To use as access point. The guy must install it himself. But since we're in lockdown it is still going to take a few months before it happens. Yes, I know I could do it myself, but I can't go and get it with my bike in mid winter. Just curious, what is the transfer speeds you guys reach?
  13. nicod@odroidhc4:~$ sudo ethtool eth0 | grep Speed Speed: 1000Mb/s I don't have a cable where I work. I'm not allowed to drill a hole for it. 5Ghz wifi should perform a bit better than Gbit ethernet. 1300 Mbps vs 1000 Mbps.
  14. Hi all. I've always been using the OPi+ as NAS. That gets me up to 13MB/s. More than enough for me. All that is on it are backups, movies and mp3's. It's only got 100Mbps ethernet. And the attached storage devices can't do a lot more either. A USB2 external HDD and a 2.5" HDD. I once tried the same with my OPi+2 and didn't see any changes in network transfer rates. Didn't mind, because I was happy with it. Now I've got the Odroid HC4. Both sata HDDs get +100MB/s read and write. But my network transfer speed is again 13MB/s. I'm using a Gbit router with 5Ghz wifi and the 5Ghz w
  15. Good news. SATA works on mainline focal 5.10.6. Also my 5Ghz wifi dongle works out of the box. I've got everything I could want. After that ordeal I'm so happy to have things working as should