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  1. Indeed. Swap and ZRam didn't work at all since a pretty messed kernel config. I had went into it when it was new. You might recognize some things echo '9999' > /sys/module/lowmemorykiller/parameters/adj echo '1' > /sys/module/lowmemorykiller/parameters/minfree This was the fix then to make it work. Was because of remainders of android, I checked the kernel and there's still a lot that doesn't belong there. @Brad was the man who found the fix then. I do have it working well on Bionic.
  2. Sorry. For Debian it seems different. I only work on Bionic. Maybe try this. "Starting at buster (current testing) it's possible to simply install the zram-tools package and customize /etc/default/zramswap for your needs." Armbian configures zram out of the box. But it's not always set right for all boards. So it can help manually installing it. Greetings.
  3. Just a guess. Try : sudo apt install zram-config Seems your zram isn't working well. Or sudo apt remove zram-config if you don't need it. There's been many problems with zram/swap with the N2.
  4. NicoD

    M4 V2

    Burn the image to the eMMC. Run your m4 and put the eMMC in the USB, and do the trick of pask on there. You can also download his prepared image an burn it directly to eMMC. You'll probably also need Martin's trick to make wifi work. Copy his files to /lib/firmware/brcm/ You can do this also with bionic, default or dev's. I hope that helps. You can't copy the files with winows since it can't rea the linux partitions, so good you've got a normal M4. Check the correct disk-name (sda, sdb, ...) and replace the sdx. You need to go to the directory of the file.
  5. NicoD

    M4 V2

    Have you tried burning the image directly to eMMC and then apply the patch of pask?
  6. I built Bionic dev 5.3 rc4 for M4 and used @pask his patch. Works great. But I had to use @martinayotte 's trick to make on board wifi to work. So this wifi issue is probably not from the RockPi4 image, but I guess has to do with mainline kernel.
  7. The image also works on the M4. So maybe it's not needed to make a seperate one. But having a seperate one does spare us of having unexpted results if something goes bad later on. I'll do some tests with different images/boards. One thing didn't work, copying the filesystem to eMMC from sd-card. I had fomatted the eMMC, it was found after boot. It did copy everything, but didn't boot.(using armbian-config) I then burned the image directly to eMMC and this worked flawlessly. Could be a one of fault, or could be that script would need an adjustment too for this.
  8. Very nice. I tried your image and everything seems to work. Wifi works, eMMC works, sound, ... I think this is the better way to go forward. A lot less hasstle than converting the RockPi4 image to fit the M4V2. Great job.
  9. Did you install Armbian or LibreElec? LE is only Kodi, Armbian is full Linux. Balbes makes both images. What is the filename of the image you burned?
  10. Did anyone try a desktop? I had build a RockPi4b Bionic 5.3 desktop (with Panfrost) a while ago on the m4v2 and saw a few issues. Couldn't load volume control, It crashed the desktop and all apps and reopened desktop. Some small weird things gave the same result. (decreasing font size of command taskbar app. Why/How???) I thought it could be some panfrost issue. I'm now working with another sbc, so not really time to test it, just wondered if anyone else had seen this. I was using the M4.dtb
  11. Make it yourself. I now us the Khadas VIM3 for that with a big RavPowe 26800mAh Power Banks. Either a 7" or a 13" display. With the small display, one powerbank is enough for about 15 hours. Big display is a little less than 10 hours. I charge my power banks with solar panels. So I always have power. The Pinebook pro should be released one of these days. It's only got a 10 000mAh battery, but if you bring a power bank wih you it'll last a long time. Greetings.
  12. That is not the way to do this. Just download an Image for the C2. I think you're using the eMMC. So write the image to an sd-card. Try it. Copy the files you want from eMMC to s-card. And overwrite the very old 14.04. sudo armbian-config -> system -> install to... You're creating a mess otherwise.
  13. Interesting. I should test this indeed. I thought the NVMe goes dierectly through the USB3.0 port. I don't see where it is connected to here. Could be, if it's not thru the same USB3 lane. Good things to find out. Thanks.
  14. The NVMe on the VIM3 is at the USB3 speed. So it's the USB3 speed that I show. You need to disable the USB3 to be able to use this. So using a USB3 ssd is better since you can plug other USB3 devices then(with usb3 hub). The NVMe is just an extra that doesn't make nuch sense It's the CPU that makes this board what it is. But the I/O could be better.