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  1. Hello all. I've finished my video on the NanoPC-T3+. I forgot to mention a lot of things as always. But it is how it is @IgorWith what I promised. I hope it'll help. Thank you.
  2. I'm going to ask people to donate what they can to Armbian in my next video. You never know. And next month you can expect a (small) donation from me. I was already planning to talk a lot about Armbian. I can live without the headphone-jack. But it would be nice if it could be fixed in the future. I'm still learning a lot about Linux. I hope I'll be able to help more soon. I've got 25 years DOS/Windows programming experience. But since I'm on Linux I feel such a noob. But that's a good thing. Thanks, greetings.
  3. Hi guys. I can't get the headphone jack to work on the NanoPC T3+ on Armbian 5.44 Bionic. HDMI sound works. There's a second Built-in Audio, but nothing seems to work. Also the on-board microphone doesn't work. I've tested it on the friendlyArm Lubuntu and there it both works. Additional. Can somebody point me into the right direction where to add a higher cpufreq in available frequencies? At 1400Mhz it only reaches 55°C maxed(with fan). Single core performance is bad. So some overclock would be helpful. Otherwise Armbian works great. Thank you. NicoD
  4. NicoD

    Terrible Synaptic performance

    Synaptic has got problems on most (maybe all) Armbian distros. I`ve got it now on the BaboPC T3+, had it with the Tinker, ... But as long as you don`t use the search function it works. You then have to browse thru everything to find what you want. I use apt/apt-get install in Armbian. There`s other software installers you can use too.
  5. Some impressive list. Some I didn't know about. The NanoPC T4 seems so sexy. It's already selling. RockPro64 in July. I just bought the NanoPC T3+, I love it. I was planning to buy the Odroid N1. I would like to use it as my main desktop pc. I don't know if I have the patience to wait for it. Do you have any experience with the Rock3399 chips? I hope it's going to be good. Cheers.
  6. Hi guys. I've almost finished my research on the NanoPC T3+. Again Armbian is the best distro available on it. A lot of problems with the FriendlyArm's Lubuntu. I'm really in love with this board. Finally a board that scores good in all spots I want it to. Power efficient, good thermals, very fast multicore, good software... I've got some questions I better ask before making my video. 1. Chromium video playback is better in 1080p (30fps) than in 720p. 1080p is about 30% lost frames. 720p is more than 50%. Not a bad thing, but a bit strange. Anyone any idea why this is? It does a lot better than the XU4 2. The built-in microphone doesn't seem to work in Armbian. Any idea? Sorry I haven't done a big investigation on that. Didn't find it too important. 3. The Search function in Synaptic package manager freezes the program. Otherwise it works well. I've had this issue on other SBC's with Armbian. I don't know if it's so on every SBC. It's just a small detail. 4. It doesn't throttle. Max temp is 91°C after 8 minutes full action. Is there any protection? 5. Is there a fix for the restart instead of shutting down? I haven't tried installing Amrbian on the eMMC yet. Think I'll check that tomorrow. Otherwise ain't got any problems with it. I didn't expect this. This is going into my SBC laptop instead of my Odroid C2. Thank you for all the great work.
  7. I've finished my review video about the BPI M2 Zero. Here it is. Next video will be the NanoPC T3. Cheers.
  8. Hi all. I've finished my review video about the Banana Pi M2 Zero. I talk about Armbian a bit. If anyone has got tips and tricks to improve my videos, please let me know. Like : Could I use the same version of 7zip on 32-bit and 64-bit environments? Thank you for all the help. Here's my video. Greetings.
  9. Hello. I`ve ordered the NanoPC T3+. Still waiting for it to arrive. I would like to use it as a video editor and renderer when traveling. I always used the Odroid C2 for that. That`s great for 720p video, but too slow for 1080p. So I bought the Khadas vim2 max(+100$) for that. But that`s got troubles with render tasks. So now I`ll try the NanoPC T3+ for that. I couldn`t find the information I needed, so I just bought it and I`ll see how well it does. I need a fast cpu, power efficient(around 2A or less), good heat dissapation and as much ram as possible. So my questions to you? Not that important because I`ll see when it arrives. Is the full 2GB ram useable, or is it shared with the gpu? Do you know whats the power useage when all cores are maxed out? How hot does it get with the stock heatsink and maxed out? How good are the linux distros for it? I also make youtube videos about most of my sbc`s. Thank you for your reaction. Good luck with the board, I hope it`s a good one.
  10. Thank you @chwe. I've red all the threads. I now have got a clear view of what's going on. Too bad Sinovoip is that sloppy. I hope they'll work on it in the future. I can inform you that there Ambian Ubuntu Desktop is working. It's actually working pretty well. Very snappy, all programs work. Z-Ram is activated. I also added some swap so it doesn't crash all the time. Only a few things that need work. (I do not ask you guys looking into this, I don't care about this board. I'm just gathering information to make an honest review). 1. HDMI support for more displays 2. 1080p resolution is scrambled and needs to be fixed 3. Throttling needs to be activated more at high temperatures (seems like it's maximum throttle is 816Mhz at 70°C and 1.01Ghz at 65°C, not with stock settings) 4. CPU governor seems not working properly 5. HW acceleration for Chromium On point 1: I tried my 3.5" hdmi display because I thought to make a handheld of it. Doesn't work, also retropie is not there yet. My 1080p 13.3" display also didn't work.(Could be because of bad mini hdmi cable) On point 3: It's set to 1.2Ghz at boot-up. The moment is goes over 65°C it seems to be set to 816Mhz. It doesn't always go back to 1.2Ghz when cooled down. So then I need to set it manually. Even on 816Mhz with full load and a copper heatsink it goes up to +85°C. I didn't go further because I didn't want to brick it. Point 4: Temp no load 4 cores ondemand = 63°C Temp no load 2 cores ondemand = 63°C Temp no load 4 cores performance = 63°C Temp no load 2 cores performance = 63°C Does this make sense? I do like the design, but as every sbc it's got it's faults. But I see a few use cases for it. A handheld for example when everything works(and with a big heatsink integraded). On paper it should do better than the rpi0 for emulation. (on paper...) And it's very compact, but useable as light desktop(unlike rpi zero - too slow...). If you'd make a nice little bag for it. Then travellers can easelly take this with them. That's what I also use my sbc's for. I don't (want to) have a smart phone. So these are great things to have. Thank you for all the info. Cheers. p.s.: If @Lion Wang or @Nora Lee would like to give me additional information on this. Please do. I'm still doing a lot of research before I'll make my video. But I don't have weeks to spit out everything. So you're advice would be welcome.
  11. Indeed is not certain it would work. Seen how bpi is with support. I looked into that earlier but thought it wouldn't work since I could not see my output. But you've brought me on the idea of using an hdmi splitter with such a cheap hdmi-usb2 720p out, 1080p in dongle. I'll buy that. All together 18euro/20dollhairs. A lot cheaper than those capture boxes. Thanks for the advice. Maybe it could also help me with my XU4 that doesn't wants to work on my 1080p 13" monitor. What's your thought on the fake Armbian on bpi Zero? See here... Thank you.
  12. ExplainingComputers his video about the Tinker Board is online. Too bad he didn't use Armbian. Also not Lubuntu for Kdenlive. But it's still a good video. Here it is.
  13. It does cost a bit too much. It's 70euro everywhere. I'd better buy an SBC with HDMI-in like the Bpi-W2. It's only 10euro more. I'm now doing my tests on the bpi-M2 zero. Nice board, but it's got its issues. Armbian does run great on it. Update: I just red that the Armbian I'm using on my bpi m2 Zero is a fake. I was wondering why I couldn't find threads about it. How do you guys feel about me using it in my video? It does work well, has got everything any Armbian has. And at least the donate link is still there. I'll check if there's any other ok os for it. Why don't you guys support Bpi Zero? Cheers
  14. Thank you. I checked your bpi m3 thread. It was very helpful. I couldn`t find the one with barel jack for a good price and close nou, else I bought them both. I went for the NanoPC T3+. It`s got what it seems an ok heatsink. If not I`ll find something better for it. Also a barrel jack, so no micro usb sh#t. I checked if there`s recent os. Updated last month. I`ll see how it is. Always a surprice. It`s probably slower than the bpi m3. But if this performs as it should with Kdenlive then I`ll be very happy with it. (unlike khadas, I think cpu process management is messed up there) Thanks, have a nice day.
  15. I talked with Christopher from ExplainingComputers about this and he's going to make this video. I told him that if he doesn't have the problem that I have with rendering in Armbian. Then Armbian would be his best choice. Also told him to ask on the forum for a version with hardware acceleration. He also needs kdenlive since he wants to work with it a whole week long to see how well it goes. In Tinker OS Kdenlive doesn't work, Lubuntu bad youtube playback. So Armbian will have all that(Youtube playback on the test version was already very good. The XU4 did it exactly the same. Also sometimes rebuffer at 1080p or 720p60fps). He's got way more viewers than I do. So hopefully he's using Armbian. I've never powered my XU4 with a power bank. My powerbank can only give 2.4A per port. It's when a game changes the screen settings, or when you fullscreen youtube that it crashes. Only then. I asked Meveric and he told me it's a known bug. It doesn't happen too much, but I watch a lot of youtube. The Tinker Board I tried with 3 different power supply's, with my powerbanks. And also power with the gpio pins. Always the same problem. Because I couldn't fix this I worked with my XU4 a whole week and made a video about that. Yesterday I tried Armbian on an sd on my C2. It didn't boot. I downloaded it again and tried another sd card. Only the red light was on, nothing else happened. I also downloaded the minimal, but haven't tried it yet. I'm still planning to make a video about Armbian, that's why I want to test as many devices as possible. OPi+2 OK. Rock64 OK. Still have to test the XU4 with Armbian. Thank you very much. I appreciate that a lot. Added I was also thinking about buying the Tinker Board S. But Christopher (explainingcomputers) told me the problem with micro usb is even worse on that one. Even a 2.5A Raspberry psu doesn't work with it. He had to buy a 3A one. Don't want more of those problems. Cheers