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  1. How did you write the images to eMMC? Did you use armbian-config? This should not be needed since that's all done by the script.
  2. I bought it to play around with. Nothing of imprortance. It was the cheapest I ever found. 18.70euro for 2GB 16GB eMMC delivered at home. I can made a video on what is possibe with it. I bought the X96Air and loved it. But gave it away as new years gift for my nephew. So I could use another Anrdoid box. Its got Mali450, so it might work with Lima in Armbian. There are no nice new SBCs I want, so I've got to find something to play with. Didn't get a PineBookPro or OPi4. I'd rather have played around with those. I only see the RockPiX of importance that's coming. It's gonna be a long wait for higher performing ARM SoCs than S922X. Maybe a half year or more. I bought it to have an Android device to learn how others use android. I truly hate working with it, but so many others are only interested in Android. To grow my following I can try going that way too. It is good for gaming and media. Having Armbian on it is not needed for me, but would be nice to do my benchmarks. I've got way better boards for Armbian. I'd rather also buy a S922X TV-Box with 4GB ram and 64GB eMMC. Found some good choices, but couldn't decide. If you know of a good cheap model. Its to do video editing and rendering. The N2 lacks in its cpu performance vs the VIM 3 while vim3 has too litle ram with 2GB. So anything with the CPU of vim3 and 4GB ram would be just perfect for me.
  3. I'm all for the @chwe approach. Do what you are familiar with, and don't do too much. I do adjust titles with wrong spelling (arabian vs armbian yesterday for example), and make sure a title is easy to find with search keywords. Also sometimes translate for people who post in different languages, tho others will remove these posts. We are here to help people, not to police them. I try to create as little commotion as possible. A good moderator does his tasks almost invisibly. I've been away for a week last week. First time I opened the forum I saw tons of notifications, and the thread of Igor to ask for more help. So it must have been a very busy week. Sometimes it's very calm, some weeks are busy. Certainly when new kernels and images go online there can be a lot traffic. I mostly focus on RK3399 and TV-Boxes. And sometimes H6, but that seems very well under control. Mostly advanced users there. I use my SBC's differently than most other users (desktop use/gaming/video editing and 3d rendering). So many/most of the questions I have no idea about. So I just accept those and don't answer. If someone else feels he's got grip on the topic then they can answer. If/when something of importance is found by a user it can be good to make sure a dev knows about it. But this doesn't happen that much since the devs also follow what happens on the forum. I had to do that a few days ago for my XU4. I knew the answer Tho I must admit I had forgotten about it too, it was Meveric on the Odroid forum who reminded me about it.
  4. With an x96 max I had to push a button that was inside the av connector. I don't know about your box, but it might be the same.
  5. Какой английский? Я думал, что это русский? All I can find is these images, no Stretch there. You could build your own image.
  6. Please do a search yourself next time. Google is easy to use, the search box in the forum too.
  7. As @piter75 commented. Try the 4.x image. I'm using the M4V2 with 4.x for a while and haven't had any issues like that. I often copy big files of GB's to my externel USB HD. So I do not think the issue is with the M4V2, but might be with 5.x instead. Mainline kernel is still a work in progress.
  8. I do not use ethernet since I do not have a connection in my work area. So I was not aware of this. Good to see there's already a fix for it. Please provide the output of : armbianmonitor -u for more info. Could you be a bit more precise please. What file size is large? Is this with every USB3 device the same? How are both drives formatted? Is the USB3 drive powered by the M4?
  9. Armbian has nothing to do with FriendlyCore. That image is made by FriendlyElec and not by Armbian. For FriendlyCore information go to the wiki for it. For NanoPi M4 info (with the serial interface info) Otherwise their forum, but I know there is low chance of getting an answer. But all info you need should be in the wiki.
  10. No, but you can install the media script of JMCC onto a Armbian Bionic desktop legacy kernel 4.4.y image. This can install all the same as what is installed in FriendlyDesktop. Otherwise there's Panfrost for mainline images. This makes OpenGL 2.1 possible. Everything for RK3399 also works on the NEO4.
  11. Loin : root Pass : 1234 Please use a translator next time. This is an English speaking forum. Veuillez utiliser un traducteur la prochaine fois. Ce n'est pas un forum francophone. Salutations.
  12. That's supported too. You need to change the files extlinux.conf and uenv.ini to make them point to the correct .dtb file(look into dtb folder) for the vim3 with a311d. Works great. I'm running it on an ssd. Greetings.
  13. Use sudo armbian-config and go to system. There install to ... NVMe You always need an eMMC or SD card for initial boot, then it goes over to the root system on NVMe. Works super with good NVMe.