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  1. It most of the times means a replacement has been installed and this package isn't needed anymore. You'll often have that on a fresh install after doing update/upgrade, or from installing and removing many programs. So you get packages that aren't used by anything. So it gives you the message it may be removed with autoremove. If everything works, don't care about it.
  2. If you find somebody with the know-how to implement and support it. Why not. For the moment I don't see any room for this with the limited resources. The Raspberry Pi is a totally different beast compared to other SBCs. Also just half supporting it with an image that does boot but where many functions don't work is not a good thing. There is a lot that could be adopted from UbuntuARM64/Raspberry Pi OS. But implementing it all would be a monster task. My guess is it would be easier to write a new build-script for the RPi itself than to adopt the build script we've got now. Since so ma
  3. You probably will not have to wait too long. Depends on how much this SoC is changed vs the H6. People who need a board have one, I've also got one on the way to review when Armbian runs well on it.
  4. Donations reached the goal. To everybody who helped. Big thank you. This will be well used. I've seen the server and it's a monster. Next goal maybe different desktop implementations, with GPU and maybe VPU if possible. Who could we hire? What cost? But before that there's already enough new things coming soon. And the server will be in good use or that. From the whole team. Thank you. NicoD
  5. It's mainline Focal 5.8 with panfrost. @Salvador Liébana did build the image. I'm just a messenger spreading the word. His team is behind TwisterOS for the Raspberry Pi. They've got tons of portable apps to make life easy for noobs to experienced user. Will be an amzazig addition to armbian. This is a preview of what's to come for more SBCs. Certainly when panfrost is ready for Odroid N2/N2+ They've got a whole club on Discord for every project of the group. A lot happens there. @Salvador Liébana Is it possible to write a build script for your image that makes use of ours.(write do
  6. Hi. I'm having the problem that I don't know what your question is. I think others will have the same. Could you please formulate your question? And maybe also give the output of armbianmonitor -u
  7. Armbian Reforged has been released. Here my video on how to install it and set it up on your RK3399 device. Here again the download link : Enjoy
  8. Here my instruction video on how to install Armbian Reforged and set it up.
  9. Nice to hear. I do like xfce more. I'm used to it, and it has the best taskbar tools. I can't wait for the a922x. Shall be amazing for my favorite games. So do I ned to call my video install TwisterOS armbian or Armbian Reforged aka TwisterOS? Just need to pu my voice onto it and it'll be ready.
  10. They probably don't have the knowledge on how to keep their build up to date and improve on it. Building a basic image that boots vs a well working image with most features working. That's a big difference. They've always been the worst student in the class when it comes to software support. While selling like 2nd most I believe after Raspberry. Having such bad reputation software wise did bring Armbian to a higher level. So you might say we need them as much as they need us. I don't know what that is with Xunlong and Sinovoip. They seem to have good board designer. B
  11. Hi all. I wanted to put some light on the fact that you now can run some x86 Windows and Linux programs and games on the RK3399 with Box86. I have a topic about it in my lonely "Gaming on ARM club" I've made a preview video about it last week. I've done some further tests. It is just amazing. Plays way better than the RPi4. Tho not yet as many things work. @Salvador Liébana made prebuild images with Box86 preinstalled, and with many other emulators. You can download it here :
  12. I was of the impression that the H6 can olny address 3GB ram. They do come with 4GB, and 1GB is unusable. Either they've found a way to address it in Android. Or maybe more possible, your Android is lying. You should be able to see the 3GB tho. Maybe it did only come with 2GB and android indeed lies about the 4GB. With tv-boxes you never know. The same model can have a ton of different configurations. Moving to TV-Boxes...
  13. I'm happy to have helped. The Rock64 boards are not the best. I had a lot of troubles with mine. But to they are good enough to have fun with, certainly for that price. Enjoy them, and have a nice day.
  14. Has been known for a while from the Tesla's. They just didn't confirm until now. From January There are only so many write cycles. Normal when swap is used that it dies after a few years. I use swap on NVMe and replace my NVMe about every year. Rather have a lot of extra usable memory available than a long lifetime.
  15. Hi all. I again had the pleasure of working with an amazing server. This time the AMD Threadripper 3990X, 64-cores and 128 threads. After last week working on a 32-core ARM server I thought I had seen performance. This is again not comparable with anything before. The specs of this monster : ASRock Rack TRX40D8-2N2T AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990x 256GB memory (8 x 32Gb) ECC 2 x 1TB PCI 4.0 Nvme SSD Water Cooling I again got private SSH access. So I opened 3 terminals. One with HTop, another to check sensors. And the 3th to ex