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  1. I was thinking exactly the same question. Why do you bother and waste your time here if you don't like Armbian? Lately I've red few complaints of people who have "many years of experience". But they don't want to bother reading and learning new skills. Experience is not the same as knowledge As knowledge is not the same as experience With experience you can have gained knowledge about much but not being specialized at one thing, or know a lot about a small section of the industry and be blind to all other. Thousands of people happily use Armbian on their devices and for 99% of
  2. This is what I've got from benchmarks. OPiZero2 -------- S/C = Single Small core B/C = Single Big core A/C = All cores OPiZero2 | Clock S/C | B/C | Blender | 7z S/C | 7Z B/C | 7z A/C | CPUMiner | SBCBench OPi Focal 4.9.170 1.5Ghz 35m34s 1320 4800 4.65 OPi Focal 4.9.170 1.5Ghz 35m40s Odroid HC4 | Clock S/C | B/C | Blender | 7z S/C | 7Z B/C | 7z A/C | CPUMiner | SBCBench Ubuntu Mate 4.9 2.02Ghz
  3. @XFer012Do you need HDMI? Otherwise the RockPiS is way more power efficient. Runs at 0.1A idle. Most of my power banks shut down because the load is too low. Tho it's a bit less powerful. It indeed is a nice board and great price. But also a lot of work to support it. I keep my thumbs up for it. Haha "this stuff is really ugly" I didn't expect different.
  4. You've been brave, but surrender, never A bit a pity there's not more interest in this board. And I've not seen any other H616 SBCs coming. Their Orange(Armbian) images do seem ok. I wonder if we could not learn anything from their script/builds. They've copied Armbian, maybe Armbian should copy them now I don't know. Maybe this one should be a pass. Is the effort supporting it worth it? Tho the board is good for some use cases.
  5. Hi. TwisterOS is a spin-off (I can't come up the correct word) of Armbian. It is based on Armbian Focal Mainline, but with their own "Twist" for desktop use and gaming. It uses the latest mainline kernel. Has x86 emulation, N64, PSX, PSP, ... Armbian itself comes with Debian (Buster, Bullseye) or Ubuntu (Bionic, Focal, Hirsute) flavors. Either with Legacy kernel (4.4) or with the mainline kernel (5.x). The mainline kernel images come with the Panfrost GPU driver. While for Armbian Legacy Buster there is the Media packages to have VPU acceleration. So if you only want a good desktop
  6. You could make a small hat for it with a usb-c connector that goes on the voltage pins.. Or with a full size USB A port for easier soldering, or a barrel jack. I also would advice to check voltages on the M4V2 its usb ports. Max out the cpu and see if it doesn't go much under 5V. The M4V2 can stay stable at low voltages. But for the storage device it could be bad.
  7. It begins at the far end of the USB. Pin 39/40 are next the USB. When you use these jumper wires it is best to power with 2 power wires and 1 GND. So pins 2 and 4 you power with 5V. And pin 6 ground. The M4V2 can consume up to 2A. Many jumper wires are not made for such high load. So dividing it over 2 wires makes sure there's no too much resistance.
  8. Hi all. I recently bought the Odroid Go Super. It is a great handheld for emulation gaming. But that isn't the main reason why I bought it. It can also run Linux, tho not Armbian. In this video I show how I use Debian Buster from Meveric on the Odroid Go Super and I also review the hardware. Greetings.
  9. Here a YT video about the new Station P2. I love the design. SATA and NVMe now fit in the case. A bit more usb is great. Dual Gbit ethernet, wifi 6 and up to 8GB ram. RK3568. I hope they'll also make an rk3588 model.I like their metal cases a lot.
  10. @LouisI use Raspberry Pi's. I also started with Raspberry and they did a good job for some use cases. Then I kept buying other boards, and getting some for free. I use SBCs for a lot of things. It is not bad saying you use RPis. But if you'd be used using more other boards you would understand there is a big difference in board quality with other companies. Raspberry Pi have good/a lot of software thanks to the big community. But their boards are flawed. You may not notice this, but many do. If you don't use an official Raspberry Pi PSU you'll get a thunderbold symbol in the top
  11. You are free to think and believe what you want. As is Armbian free to use or not to use if you don't want to. There are very good reasons why Armbian does not support Raspberry Pi. There is software available for RPis, so the need for Armbian isn't big. RPi isn't open source as the other supported SBCs.(ThreadX) The installed OS does not control the board. There are things happening without anyone knowing what and why. RPi can be used for some goals. But it is too buggy to support. Undervoltages, overheating, not showing true details... And as you say yourself, Armbian is a "
  12. For those tasks it isn't the best board. RK3399 would be better for you. So Orange Pi 4, or NanoPi M4V2 or RockPi4. These have support for accelerated video playback and browsing with legacy kernel. I use RK3399's as daily desktop and I'm very happy of it. It might cost a bit more, but it is way more powerful. With mainline kernel it's also great for gaming. Greetings.
  13. Indeed. Many think the DE and look are the main thing in an OS. Like many think Ubuntu is Unity. While there are so many flavors, and you can make it look how you want it to. It has become better. I also used to try it and many things didn't work, so I had never made a video about it before. But now mainline is getting smoothed out, Manjaro ARM is improving too. Manjaro does benefit a lot from the work done by Armbian. And they also help out a lot in the community. Even on armbian problems on other forums I often see them helping out. (khadas, radxa...) And since Armbian d