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  1. Bit off topic, that's what the topic is for So I've been using the NanoPi M4/V2 for over a half year as main desktop and left my pc off most of the times. That today gave me a nice advantage in my electrical bill. While the price of electricity goes up, I consumed 8.8% less only by using SBC's instead of my pc. And that not for a full year even. I can still improve with LED lights. And keep using my SBCs. This does give an example why using ARM can be very benificial. I even made a quick video about it. Not really Armbian related. I don't think I need to convince any of you of the advantages of using arm. But it is a good thing to think about where we can save money/energy in replacing x86 machines with arm boards. Arm also has disadvantages off course. Less user friendly, do it yourself... I also talk about that. So you don't need to see the video any more actually, bit if you do, please enjoy. Greetings, NicoD
  2. NicoD

    NanoPI M4

    Try bigger files. This test does files of 64k. Try files of 100MB 100times. dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=100MB count=100 conv=fdatasync I use the gnome-disks utility to benchmark. It shows the performance with big files, but also the latency what is important for small files. That way you get numbers that can be understood.
  3. Are you monitoring the voltage of your board? What board do you use? How about other clocks like 500MHz? What kernel are you using? Good luck.
  4. What is your problem? That image isn't there anymore. All old images are here, no more 4.19 For recent images
  5. No, because I use ARM SBC's to burn my images. To my knowledge there was no verification when I joined(april 2018). Win32DiskImager was still my go to then on windows. I never liked etcher. Too bulky for its task.
  6. Hi. Could you try to do it manually? sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration Might be a bug in the script.
  7. I just use gnome-disk-utility on an SBC. It isn't perfect, but does the job. Otherwise multiwriter also works on SBC's. I see no need in verification. I see it works when it does. I can't remember ever having an image not written right. I don't know/think Etcher has a "working" arm version.
  8. Might work. You'll need this image Change the uEnv.txt file to point to one of the allwinner h6 dtb files. If your device isn't there then try some others and see how well it works.
  9. I don't know. I wasn't able to get it stable with the H6, but panfrost was activated. Now panfrost stopped working on all devices. I don't know what's going on. Even on my rockpi4b I can't get it to work anymore. Tried different kernels and all the same. llvmpipe.... With both my script, or with the video-repo. So we've got the same problem. I don't have that much time to invest into searching a fix. If you/anybody finds out what's happening. Let me know.
  10. NicoD

    Orange pi 4

    Should I review it? I didn't ask for one since I've got enough RK3399's, and I didn't think there be too much of a difference. I could try to source one. Cheers.
  11. Does it work when you go to another terminal with (ctrl + alt + F3)
  12. Why would you want to use a 2 year old image? Those are outdated images. Just use a recent image and adjust the dtb for your device.
  13. It isn't outdated. Do what is written in the post above. Download the image, read carefully all the instructions. Choose the correct dtb file.
  14. Sorry, only now I see this comment. It was the version 1. I haven't looked into it again. I'll see if I find time this week to test again. Indeed. That is best. Only for panfrost mainline is better now. But it'll take some time before everything is perfect in mainline.