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  1. So they really do exist? Every Android user I know just has no clue what they're doing, including me. I don't get it. I'm probably missing some important information. Android feels to me like browsing a 90's website. From link to link, page to page,... Just have to know where the correct links are. I keep trying to use it to get more familiar with it. It is good for emulation gaming. Android games themself seem sick of the lootbox and moneygrabbing of the last 15years in gaming.
  2. The one saying this is the dumbest person on earth. If he is lazy then I'm santa Indeed, since our Russian isn't good enough.
  3. Maybe you can find this here. Look what board is supported and then do your homework. All info is to be found on the internet.
  4. I think it's @balbes150 that is missing something. He doesn't have a S905X3 so doesn't support it. There are seperate threads for this model. We should look into Balbes getting a S905X3 so he would be able/willing to support it. @balbes150 you may have one next week if you want so, it is a good SoC. Tho I don't like that sd isn't priority and it doesn't have gigabit ethernet. At least it works at 1.9Ghz without overheating much.
  5. Good joke. But that ain't the way to repair electronics. But what does Linus know except for what he reads in his scripts. With the box, are you sure you didn't plug an adapter with a higher voltage? I've got 5V, 9V and 12V adapters all with the same plugs. So I'm very careful with that. I've never installed Armbian on the eMMC of my X96Air since you kinda need Android for when something goes wrong. There are other TV-Boxes that boot from sd by default. But here I think you are kind of scr*w*d. Maybe check here for an answer?
  6. Just found out what broke my buildscript. python-pip can't be installed from the repo. Unable to locate package python-pip. What made the whole list of other dependencies not install. Also meson 0.55 seems to have a bug and 0.49 must be used. That was why I had included it in my script originally. But dumb me removed the original script and thought using latest meson would work. I often forget why I did things a particular way. I think it's now installing, I'll cross my fingers
  7. Got me a step further Not there yet. root@arm-64:~/mesa/build# apt install libdr libdri2 libdrm-exynos1 libdri2-1 libdrm-freedreno1 libdri2-dbg libdrm-nouveau2 libdri2-dev libdrm-omap1 libdrilbo libdrm-radeon1 libdrilbo-common libdrm-tegra0 libdrilbo-dev libdrm-tests libdrm libdropwizard-metrics-java libdrm2 libdr-sundown-perl libdrmaa1.0-java libdrumstick libdrmaa1.0-java-doc libdrumstick-alsa1 libdrmaa1.0-ruby
  8. I tried this but still the same issue. I don't get it. I do get a warning when installing pip. nicod@arm-64:~/mesa/build$ pip3 install --upgrade pip Collecting pip Downloading pip-20.2.3-py2.py3-none-any.whl (1.5 MB) |████████████████████████████████| 1.5 MB 2.6 MB/s Installing collected packages: pip WARNING: The scripts pip, pip3 and pip3.8 are installed in '/home/nicod/.local/bin' which is not on PATH. Consider adding this directory to PATH or, if you prefer to suppress this warning, use --no-warn-script-location. Successfully installed pip-20.2.3 nicod@arm-64:~/mesa/b
  9. Nice board. Clean and simple. I like this SoC a lot, very power efficient and good thermals. What will be the price? When will it be sold? I'd like to see wifi/BT on-board. But not everyone needs that for their tasks, I understand why not to have it. I also like to have a barrel jack for power. Type-C is ok. But still a lot of issue's with bad cables and bad contacts. Good luck.
  10. Indeed. It will just resets the zram configuration. The armbian-zram-config is old. I think it doesn't need to be used anymore. It used to be a better config. But things have changed since then. I'll take a look at it when I find time, but I said that a lot before
  11. Yes both can be used at the same time. If your configuration is set right it first will use memory, then zram. And only after that the swap file. If you've got the 4GB model it can be good to reinstall zram-config "sudo apt install zram-config" It should make 2GB zram for 4GB models but only makes 1GB default.
  12. XFCE is a lot more customizeable than LXDE. I think you need to do a bit more investigation. If you want LXDE, you can easily install it yourself. "sudo apt install lubuntu-desktop" I hate LXDE. Ain't nothing good about it except for a little less memory usage. Only for a 500MB device it's useful. But who runs a desktop on a 500MB device? The xfce4-goodies are too good vs those of lxde. You can make an xfce4 desktop look the way you like, MacOS, Windows or just your own flavor. No other DE is that good for that reason.
  13. That doesn't change anything. That's why I tried the other command. It seems an issue with python3. I know nothing of python and its terrible configuration.
  14. Could someone inform me if this is all that needs to be done? I'm back using the H6. I've updated my install script for panfrost with an H6 install with this code added to do the above : function h6 { cat <<EOT >> /etc/rc.local cd /sys/devices/platform/soc/1800000.gpu/devfreq/1800000.gpu/ echo userspace > governor echo 756000000 > max_freq echo 756000000 > min_freq EOT } Any more details about this I should know? Sorry, been a while... If someone could try the script for me and inform if it works? Also updated meson version to meson_0.55.3-1. Should I als