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  1. And... it works "out of the box" ... For those who are interested: Python script (for use with #!/usr/bin/python from Adafruit_BMP085 import BMP085 bmp = BMP085(0x77) temp = bmp.readTemperature() pressure = bmp.readPressure() altitude = bmp.readAltitude() print "8(%.2f*hPa)" % (pressure / 100.0) #print "Altitude: %.2f" % altitude Gpio pins used: 1 / 3 / 5 / 6
  2. Just started with Orangepi and ARMbian ... ARMbian is a very nice OS. Especially since there's a RAW image for Orange pi! Thanks! I've got two DS18B20 working perfectly with my Orange pi pc! But now I've troubles with the BMP085 /BMP180. With my old Raspberry pi it was pretty easy, but how can I get the BMP180 running? I 've read there are modules for ARMbian, but I've read as well I've got to compile my own module. Does anybody know where can I find the files /module to load or compile?
  3. @Melanrz @wildcat_paris, Thx for the reply. Think I'll buy another screen.
  4. Just started with Orange PI PC and I tried to use a KeDei LCD touchscreen V5, since I used with with my Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately the given driver ( doesn't work with Armbian. Is there support in Armbian for this new (may 2016) LCD touchscreen or do I have to (re)compile the kernel myself? (not knowing where to begin...) Regards, Don