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  1. Ok. Simply Red... If it works, don´t touch it... I was assuming, it would need some manual config or such. Good to know it works out of the Box. greetings "again" from Hamburg. Zui
  2. Good News. So I can stop searching my old HDD to find my Builds... Nice/Sweet/WhateverTheNewestBuzzwordIsNowadays Could You please Post here some Information, about the BlueTooth-Config-Details? Please? (looking at the Screen like a cute Cat with big Eyes... ) ...and Happy Armbianing <- Cool I found a new Buzzword, sweet!
  3. Hello, me again... It is outside the PostTopic, but i don´t want to open a New one. I had setup an Hyper-V-Machine, and tried for 3 Days now and got always a Build error. Von https://github.com/ChalesYu/rtl8822bs-aml * branch master -> FETCH_HEAD * [neuer Branch] master -> origin/master [ .... ] Checking out [ o.k. ] * applying wireless-rtl8822bs.patch [ o.k. ] * applying wireless-rtl8822bs-1.patch [ o.k. ] Adding [ Wireless drivers for Realtek 8822CS chipsets branch:master ] cp: Aufruf von stat für '/home/zui/Build-Armbian/ca
  4. @jock Hallihallo or <abrv>Hi. Report: Directory Created: Check. Symbolic Link Created: Check. Testing /dev/ttyS0: Nope, Nada, Niente, Njet, Nix... So I tried to figure out all "tty????"´s. Of course manually. What a waste of Time. So results are somehow like this: If Timouts are reported by hciattach, I assume it is something to work on, but not the right one. From tty0 to tty63 always the Same result: bcm43xx_init Initialization timed out. From ttyp1 to ttypf:
  5. Hello. Me Again... I am still in the same Stage as before, no changes since the Post from March 30 2020. But I soldered four Cables to the Debug UART. Connected them to a USB-To-TTL, had issues and Bluescreens with the old crappy thingie... Zui sad. But the ArduinoUno came to the Rescue. I used Putty with these Settings, and it was convinient, but i wanted more. (So greedy...) I just Opened a New WPf Application and Voila, I can now read in the UART Serial Transmission. Transmissions are very good, in my humble
  6. Hi. I make progress... Here is the Way I have completed a Build with Wifi Driver AP6330 in the Imagefile. EDIT: I forgot to give Infos about the Build Options. ./compile.sh BOARD=arm-64 BRANCH=current RELEASE=buster BUILD_MINIMAL=no BUILD_DESKTOP=yes KERNEL_ONLY=no KERNEL_CONFIGURE=no I used the File: "brcmfmac-add-ap6330-firmware.patch" The Directory Location I found it was: "/Build-Armbian/patch/kernel/rockchip-dev/brcmfmac-add-ap6330-firmware.patch" I placed the File into this Folder: "/Build-Armbian/userpatches/kerne
  7. Thank You Mr./Mrs./Div. balbes150. I am Honored to get a direct Line to the "Builder". I already have 3 Tabs in my Browser opened, with the Documentation. The nonfunctional Pointer in my Database named Brain (or was it Brian?), jumped to a wrong Heap address, where the Select-Case-Statements are all the same: Case Whaaa == '???' Ok. I like making Jokes. But I can take it seriously, if I want to... And back in the Days, when Linus Trovalds was invented, I already had read Articles an the Amiga Newspapers, and there where only the Bulletin
  8. Hello @all. I Have a Nexbox A95X With 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. Also it has a AP6330 Wifi Chip. What I want to achive, is to have a running Server, as a private Git-Server. I Used a Gog-Server on a Raspberry Zero W, but i wanted to see if I can get a Gitlab to run, and maybe more Server thingies like Webservers etc. I used the Premade "Armbian_20.05.0_Arm-64_buster_current_5.6.0-rc4_desktop_20200320" and got it working. I had to set in the "uEnv.txt" following DTB: # aml s9xxx FDT=/dtb/amlogic/meson-gxl-s905x-nexbox-a95x.dtb APPEND=root