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  1. Still no luck. Your git repository is for the Orange Pi, not for the Orange Pi Zero, so I cannot fully mimic your setup. The spidev0 interface of the Pi Zero is used for the SPI flash module, so I have to use spidev1, and the WiringOP library you used is not compatible with the Zero. I took the code from your repo and made a few changes (to use spidev1.0, to use different pins for RST, DC and BSY, and to switch to wPi pin numbering by using wiringPiSetup instead of wiringPiSetupGpio). Still no luck. When going over everything once more, I noticed that the "spi-add-cs1" overlay is s
  2. Thank you! I gave up eventually, but will try again with your modifications.
  3. I am trying to use a Waveshare e-Paper (2.9") with an Orange Pi Zero LTS. To enable the SPI interface, I have added this to /boot/armbianEnv.txt: overlays=spi-add-cs1 spi-spidev param_spidev_spi_bus=1 param_spidev_max_freq=10000000 and installed WiringPI from Github. The e-Paper module is connected to the following GPIO pins: VCC: 3.3V GND: GND DIN: 19(phys)/11(wPi) CLK: 23(phys)/14(wPi) CS: 24(phys)/15(wPi) DC: 22(phys)/13(wPi) RST: 3(phys)/0(wPi) BUSY: 5(phys)/1(wPi) I have checked the connections by using the gpio command line tool to set all 6 ports above to low and to high,