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  1. thanks, i found the Kodi version actually surprisingly stable; probably time to buy a HDMI monitor. is there a way to dual-boot libreelec and armbian on rock64, similar to what is possible on raspberry with NOOBS?
  2. Thank you JMCC, this helped to launch finally kodi-gbm-wrapper, however, i am not able to change the sound output in the kodi settings from hdmi to nothing else (setting output is greyed out). plus, if i stop kodi-gbm-wrapper, and return into desktop, there is no soundcard shown at all.
  3. using the MediaScript for Rock64 and just installing "system" "mpv" "gstreamer" with "ARMSOC" seems not leading to a functional mpv-gbm ? mpv-gbm i-still-believe-trailer-1_h1080p.mov Playing: i-still-believe-trailer-1_h1080p.mov (+) Video --vid=1 (*) (h264 1920x816 23.976fps) (+) Audio --aid=1 --alang=eng (*) (aac 2ch 44100Hz) [vo/gpu] VT_GETMODE failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device [vo/gpu/opengl] Failed to set up VT switcher. Terminal switching will be unavailable. [vo/gpu/opengl] Failed to initialize EGL. [vo/gpu] Failed to setup EGL. [vo/gpu] Failed initializing any suitable GPU context! Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (--vo) device. Video: no video
  4. Hello , is it possible to start KODI with this script without installing Glamour? on my Rock64v.2 with Armbian Bionic neither Kodi ( ERROR: Unable to create GUI. Exiting nor Kodi-Gbm-Wrapper would start. Thanks.
  5. i tried also with a hdmi-to-dvi adapter and added disp_dvi_compat=1 to /boot/ArmbianEnv.txt no avail for mainline current kernel 5.4
  6. Hello , i downloaded the latest Armbian Bionic for Rock64 (RK3288) but it would not boot with HDMI-to-VGA adapter. The same adapter boots happily if i use the Bionic Desktop image with Legacy Kernel 4.4 Do i need to add something to ArmbianEnv.txt? Thanks