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  1. thanks, have looked again and it is probably just related to gtk-youtube-viewer (maybe there is an incompatibility or i am missing some package on aarch64) as inside youtube-viewer (from terminal) the evoking of mpv-gbm does not cause the undesired behaviour as it seems. yes, i do use youtube-dl, also with ff2mpv extension for firefox (however that one is linked with normal version of mpv and that seems quite often to crash the whole system bionic beaver lts).
  2. Hello , thanks , i did the procedure as above and this restored the functionality, however, sometimes the player would lock in and the keycodes would become unresponsive, eg. it would not be able to exit the video beforehand by pressing "q". here is some error i get with youtube-viewer + mpv-gbm
  3. thanks, i found the Kodi version actually surprisingly stable; probably time to buy a HDMI monitor. is there a way to dual-boot libreelec and armbian on rock64, similar to what is possible on raspberry with NOOBS?
  4. Thank you JMCC, this helped to launch finally kodi-gbm-wrapper, however, i am not able to change the sound output in the kodi settings from hdmi to nothing else (setting output is greyed out). plus, if i stop kodi-gbm-wrapper, and return into desktop, there is no soundcard shown at all.
  5. using the MediaScript for Rock64 and just installing "system" "mpv" "gstreamer" with "ARMSOC" seems not leading to a functional mpv-gbm ? mpv-gbm i-still-believe-trailer-1_h1080p.mov Playing: i-still-believe-trailer-1_h1080p.mov (+) Video --vid=1 (*) (h264 1920x816 23.976fps) (+) Audio --aid=1 --alang=eng (*) (aac 2ch 44100Hz) [vo/gpu] VT_GETMODE failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device [vo/gpu/opengl] Failed to set up VT switcher. Terminal switching will be unavailable. [vo/gpu/opengl] Failed to initialize EGL. [vo/gpu] Failed to setup EGL. [vo/gpu] Failed initializing any suitable GPU context! Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (--vo) device. Video: no video
  6. Hello , is it possible to start KODI with this script without installing Glamour? on my Rock64v.2 with Armbian Bionic neither Kodi ( ERROR: Unable to create GUI. Exiting nor Kodi-Gbm-Wrapper would start. Thanks.
  7. i tried also with a hdmi-to-dvi adapter and added disp_dvi_compat=1 to /boot/ArmbianEnv.txt no avail for mainline current kernel 5.4
  8. Hello , i downloaded the latest Armbian Bionic for Rock64 (RK3288) but it would not boot with HDMI-to-VGA adapter. The same adapter boots happily if i use the Bionic Desktop image with Legacy Kernel 4.4 Do i need to add something to ArmbianEnv.txt? Thanks