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  1. Right! I was trying to understand how to change the TX/RX delay. IIRC the fex file aren't used since Armbian doesn't use the legacy sunxi kernel. (Correct me if I'm wrong). Is there any documentation on how to find the relevant memory address for the ZeroPi and what values are possible to set? I couldn't find any hint online. Edit: Just found this issue ( which references this commit to the updated docs ( The gmac TX/RX delays c
  2. Hi, I've recently got a ZeroPi from FriendlyElec and I immediately installed Armbian Buster, so far is working great except for a minor issue with the Gigabit ethernet. I'm planning to use it with Wireguard as server so I've made some performance checks first to test the actual network speed with iperf3. What I discovered surprised me, the network throughput in upload from the ZeroPi is fine (900 to 950 Mbps) but the download seems to be limited to ~380 Mbps. ------------------------------------------------------- # UPLOAD TEST (ZEROPI ---> HOST) # $ iperf3 -c XX.XX.