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  1. Hello all, I got same box. I have tried couple of roms In it. Havent found anything stable, but libreElec. Im mainly Fedora Man and all other than rpm got my nipples twist. I recomend to use usb male to male cable and rkdeveloptools. If you got the box jammed just touch the Samsung memory chip pins opposite side of 0 pin (use usb via computer as power source because it cuts power if you short cut it too long and you wont lose emmc forever) . I would like to say to all that old way beats New ways with arm7 boards sdcard install gives my balls to ich but usb link cable booyeah! I would like to ask why this "New OS" never Come with direct connect via ip because Basic users Will install wrong packages and via telnet serial ip port 22 would be easy to fix instead of reinstall hardboot etc. I mainly install to emmc and use Steel fork or knife to hardboot because boards are missing the mem off button... Anyway great work and if you go around Rk322x series which mainly are same architecture than raspberry pi 2b boards tell me what is so hard to make stable os... Both use same cortex a7, but memory is like 2gb ram and 16gb rom vs raspberry cheese slicer 1gb ram but still it got stable os century ago... Then you are like our 3399 have better processor... well In 15-20euros budget gadget no see better processor... I got informaation that AMD ruled arm is getting company by Intel and after that your better processor are cheese slicers... That is how cookie crumples. Im tired even Fedora went shit In past 5 years most advanced distro is now most retarted. I Will do some work after my burnout ends now im just telling and yelling. We must act fast because storm is coming.