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  1. I have install Armbian on emmc of my box Amlogic, is possible mount at boot the sdcard as /home?
  2. @balbes150 hi, if I give you the dtb.img file of my Beelink MxII Mini, is possible add the .dtb file at your release? Thanks
  3. Question: I have install last Armbian release on emmc of my box, now I can found a dtb file with wifi work, how can I update the system? Thanks
  4. @balbes150 I have the dbt.img of original firmware of my box (Beelink MxII mini), is possible use it for to have much hardware work?
  5. Oh thanks! Where I can found the TV image? I realy appreciate your work
  6. Thanks! I have a Beelink MX II Mini (S905). The led of optical connection turn on in boot fase but after the boot it turn off and connection not work.
  7. Incredibile! This also work for me!! Thanks you so much. Only Bluetooth don't work.
  8. Hi everyone, in my box (Beelink Mx II mini S905) wifi e Bluetooth don't work. Any idea to fix they?
  9. Hi, I have installed Armbian in emmc of my box, which is the procedure for update to the last release? and there is the possibility to remove the unused package in my system? Thanks
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