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  1. I understand the complexity, and the fact that there's a huge number of combinations.... I am not saying this is just a copy-paste exercise. As many Leaders on the forum already said: chances of this working are almost none. The first comment I did about this topic was just saying: 1.- let's reuse Android dtbs, which are already included on the Android boxes. 2.- Even though it's not possible to reuse those dtbs out of the box, cause they are compiled for a different kernel, we should be able to decompile them to dts. (this dts is the hw manufacturer description of their own hw; and for boxes manufactures, this files are a description of the mix and match exercise they did to build and compile Android for their boxes). 3.- If we could use a DT Overlay approach on Armbian (which is already existing today -sort of-, but we don't call it that way yet), we could then call the dts compiled into dtbs for Armbian Kernel, and that can be consumed by Armbian natively (through the DT Overlay -same as Raspbian does-). Again, this is just an idea which I believe could make life easier and drive adoption. There's work to do, I am willing to work os this, and happy to join forces with anyone who believes on this vision to push it.
  2. May be u"niversal DTB", or "multi-DTB," are not the right terms. The fact is, using a way to abstract the kernel (whichever it is) from dtbs, would isolate the complexity of each other. Some distros (Android, Raspbian,...) use the term "Device Tree Overlay," which I guess is a better term, more descriptive than the former two. The idea behind it is esencially finding a way to isolate the kernel plumbing off the hw. My suggestion is esencialy copying this strategy. Unless armbian kernel is way different on its design (I bet it's not the case) do not see why it wont work.
  3. I am willing to, and will be happy to share it with the commutity. 100% agree with you on the OS principles. As the say goes: I will put my money where my mouth is I am not requesting anything; I was just sharing my interest on a new work track, that I will personally join, just in case anyone shares same interests. That said: 100% agreed with your 2 comments too.
  4. So, if we can reuse dtbs embedded on the native Android version, I guess we could think of mix and matching and produce a "generic" DT for Armbian. Again, I am not saying this is a simple task, I am just saying that Technically speaking if feasible and might be something that would facilitate massive adoption of Armbian. I am looking at this as a way to push adoption, which at the end will return this effort to the community. It's true that the ammount of work on the TO DO must be overwhealming, depending on the criteria followed to assign priorities to each pending task, this could be a nice to have feature in the future...
  5. Before wiping Android, maybe it’s worth taking advantage of the dtbs embedded. I know this is not a politically correct topic on this forum, but I believe that if we take the approach Android has for dealing with multiple DTs at boot time is interesting: https://source.android.com/devices/architecture/dto/multiple 2 cents more [emoji12] Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
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