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  1. That is frustrating. I will stay with the 4.4 Kernel
  2. I can only talk about the server version (buster and bionic), the 5.4 kernel isn't working for that, because this happens random after 6-72h. I think a lot of people using the 5.4 as a Desktop. So there are turning the nanopi off, after their finished their todo-stuff and don't run in this problem. But supported is that sadly not But I don't know why not more people noticed this problem...
  3. It is running. The log isn't full with Hex-code. Thank!
  4. On 4.4 I can reboot, without hardreset The weird thing is, that under the 4.4 plex Videos only plays 1-5mins. So I tried emby and look, all my other plex problems are solved too I hope the Nanopi is stable now!
  5. I will try. Or trying the Bionic v5.4? Is the current version (v5.4) still in like a "beta"? Because there is a Kernel 5.6 listed under the downloads section.
  6. Hey, I am using a Nanopi M4v2 with a Satahat as server for openmediavault and plex. Since I got a lot of freezes/crashes (every 24-72h, the Nanopi lost the connection, and the green LED isn't blinking anymore) with "Armbian 20.02.7 buster current 5.4.28" on a SD-Card. I plugged a SSD in and used the nand-install script with a clean installed SD-Card. But this doesn't help, the problem is still there. The log got spamed with this: May 3 13:17:03 nanopi brcm_patchram_plus_rk3399[1338]: writing May 3 13:17:03 nanopi brcm_patchram_plus_rk3399[1338]: 01 4c
  7. I got the same problem with the same setup. In v. 5.4.28 is still this problem. So, we as new armbian user can only wait for a stable version or downgrade to 4.4?
  8. I get the same problem with Kernel 5.4.x on a NanoPi M4v2. I switched for tests to 4.4.x and there is working stable. Did your logs getting spammed with this too? I got this every 4s. Apr 6 14:47:33 nanopi brcm_patchram_plus_rk3399[1498]: writing Apr 6 14:47:33 nanopi brcm_patchram_plus_rk3399[1498]: 01 03 0c 00