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  1. Sorry @gprovost, didn't see your message until today. Anecdotally, as soon as I reenabled the automatic CPU governor, the Helios4 kernel panicked within 8 hours. Unfortunately I didn't have the serial console open to catch a trace. Anyway, I rebooted my Helios4 with the Marvell XOR driver blacklisted. Nothing shows up under /proc/interrupts related to XOR now. Running a serial console again to hopefully get a trace if it crashes. Unrelated to the crashes, but I think I ran into a bug with the Debian Buster armhf build of btrfs-progs 4.20.1. Trying to delete subvolumes o
  2. Update; two straight days with no lockups after setting the CPU clock to 1.6GHz.
  3. I've pinned the clockspeed to 1.6GHz (800MHz makes Plex unhappy). I'll leave it for a while with the serial console open and see what happens. My experience has been at least a crash a day.
  4. After upgrading to the 4.19.104-mvebu kernel I also started experiencing the same complete cpu lockups, but here's the kicker: the lockups are continuing, even after downgrading to kernel 4.14.171-mvebu. Easy way for me to trigger it is by running echo check > /sys/block/md0/md/sync_action I managed to catch the CPU stall via the serial console: Here's the output from armbianmonitor -u: edit: same lockup still happens when running an md data-check even after downgrading further, to 4.14