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  1. Sorry for my lack of knowledge. I am using Armbian 20.08.5 Buster. So you mean I should start from debian-ARM64 docker image? When I run debian-ARM64 docker image, there isn't even "ifconfig". So I should add all stuff and commit to make an image right? The reason to use docker is for backup my successful system because I like to mess up my rockpis with many things.
  2. Hi. I am running OpenVPN, Samba and Plex with Armbian on my rockpis. I want to make a docker image from it. I am new to docker and I searched and found that I could make an image from Docker file or commiting in a container. I thought that commiting in container was easier for me. So I downloaded "twhtanghk/armbian" in docker hub and ran it. #docker container run -it twhtanghk/armbian bash But when I hit "#ls -ls /dev" in the container, it show different result with my rockpis' Armbian. So I am reluctant to start to install those. Is it ok to install Op
  3. Sadly, I have to choose "yes" at first and then "no". Now I have to wait and hit "Enter" for samba install. But it saves a lot of time for me. Anyway thank you, I solved a lot of problems from your replies.
  4. Hi. I am digging many things with armbian so I install fresh armbian and many applications so many times. So I am making a long script to install many applications and edit many configuration. When it asked "Yes/On" on text prompt, I use "#echo yes | apt install vim". It works well. But when I install samba, it ask text prompt "yes/no" at first and then with dialog box "yes/no". So I tried "#echo yes | echo no | apt install samba". But it doesn't work. How can I send "yes/no" to dialog box in bash shell??
  5. Hi. I am trying to use bluetooth with my rock pis but I can't with armbian but debian. With debian I just followed this page and it works. But I want to work it in armbian. I turn bluetooth on in armbian-config. But "hciconfig" have no result and when I power on bluetooth, it say "No default controller available". So I searched and found it. Is it mean that I need to build a kernel to use bluetooth??
  6. I searched and found solution. After install fresh armbian, I added this to "/etc/network/interfaces" auto wlan0 allow-hotplug wlan0 iface wlan0 inet manual wpa-roam /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf iface default inet static address netmask gateway dns-nameservers wireless-mode Managed wireless-power off
  7. I don't know why but my rock pis can't fix mac even adding the line. Booting with new debian and armbian with new SD card have same result. I think my rock pis went wrong with my pwm things...
  8. I found a workaround. After boot, p2p0 connection is alive. But each booting make its ip address grow. So I changed it fixed ip like it. #ifconfig p2p0 down #ifconfig p2p0 netmask up #route add default gw then, I can use wifi with p2p0. So I add these commands into "rc.local". ifconfig p2p0 down ifconfig p2p0 netmask up route add default gw sleep 10 dhclient p2p0
  9. Hi. I was testing pwm with a motor, then my rock pis stopped. After boot, I couldn't see wlan0 in nmtui-connect. So I reinstall fresh armbian, I can see wlan0 again. I do wifi setting with nmtui-connect but after rebooting I can't connect wifi. I have to redo wifi setting with nmtui-connect, put password again and it adds another wifi. It seems like it can't connect to previous wifi. When I do "nmcli con show", I can see the previous wifi but it is deactive. I searched about it and found wifi mac address randomization issue. So I checked "10-overrid
  10. I was confused that I should edit both "hw_intfc.conf" and "armbianEnv.txt". But only "armbianEnv.txt" adding the line works. Thank you.
  11. Hi. I have been playing with relay and gpio and having a lot of fun. Now I want to use pwm to control a fan. So I edit "/boot/hw_intfc.conf". ..... intfc:pwm2=on intfc:pwm3=on .... And I reboot it. But I can't see "/sys/class/pwm/pwmchip2" and "/sys/class/pwm/pwmchip3" What else should I do??
  12. Thanks for the help and guide to here. I think I have to dig in this forum for a while.
  13. Hi. I am kind of linux newbie. I want to use serial console with my Rock Pi S thru usb otg. I googled and found this from I tried it but failed. And I found that there was not "sunxi_usb_duc" directory. Any advice would be apreciated. =============================== ok, I just found that these are for orange pi. Any guide for rock pi s? =============================== After install new image, now I can use serial console with usb otg.