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  1. After spending sleepless night on this i have accepted that. Troubleshooting this is honestly above my paygrade. Ill just make do with 480mb of ram. Thank You so much everyone on helping me out.
  2. Is there any way i could check it out? is there any kind of basic bootloader on the device that can be edited ? or does the device boot completely off the SD like a raspberryPi when an SD is inserted ? Thank You
  3. Hello, I have a NanoPi Neo Plus 2 I used to run Ubuntu Core on it but i wanted to switch out as i had less storage space available 4.7gb out of 8 and other issues as it was also out of date. I installed Armbian first on SD then on eMMC but the problem i am facing is that only 479mb of ram is available. Now in the first post on this board by Stanislav Sinyagin on July 18, 2017 it was stated that only 512 mb of ram was available but later on i saw posts of people with the whole 1Gb of ram being used. Due to the limited ram i get compilation problems among other things i am using this board headless as a server. i flashed all versions for download multiple times along with trying to compile a new 4.14 kernel like mention in the arch wiki but it just wouldn't boot. I have spent a few days trying to figure it out. It would be really helpful if someone could point me in the right direction. Thank You
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