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  1. ahrlad

    The mmBoard

    Oh come on, that's just mean
  2. ahrlad

    The mmBoard

    I don't get it. Wouldn't the 8GB DDR4 alone push the price above Rpi levels? Board looks amazing
  3. A board like this can be used to power the Cubietruck and a 3.5" HDD, it does 5V output through the USB ports and takes 12V input through a standard plug (5.5mm I believe). I imagine it would work with any one of these boards - you'd have to be very careful about the polarity on the 12V connectors though, those are different sometimes.
  4. That's cool. Did you really get kernel 4.8.15 up and running? With any hardware working? This guy got it running a recent-ish kernel a while ago, but he didn't get a lot of hardware working.
  5. Well, it's certainly possible, but not without first putting in a lot of work to support the board - work that I bet nobody's all that excited to do The hardware is pretty similar to the Cubox-i so with luck a lot of the work from there can be used, but if it was easy somebody would probably already have done it.
  6. Wow, so I did fixed it now. Yeah it's not exactly an exciting device, but I really appreciate them making boards with the same form factor and dimensions and stuff. e: Not sure how the A64 would power a fan though, the M3's got a dedicated header by the audio jack.
  7. The board's got the exact same (64x60mm) dimensions as the NanoPi M3 and seems to have the same hole layout, so it would amaze me if the same heatsink/fan were incompatible
  8. A couple years back a company named TBS, mostly known for their DTV hardware, released a mini PC styled thing. It's called the TBS2910 Matrix and was marketed mostly as a Kodi box. Sadly it doesn't seem the product made the sales necessary to keep the company interested - which in my view is a shame since it's got some interesting hardware features: Quad-core i.MX6 CPU (1GHz) 2GB DDR3 Ram MiniPCIe slot 16GB eMMC Storage SATA connector with 12V power, capable of powering a 3.5" HDD On-board 2.4GHz Wifi Gigabit ethernet (likely limited to 400Mbps or so) 3 USB 2.0 ports + 1 mini USB otg port 1 full-size SD slot, 1 microSD slot HDMI, analog and optical audio out Ir receiver, HDMI-CEC support Software support is predictably bad, I don't think it's gotten an official update in at least a year. There's an old Ubuntu distro available and an old non-Elec Kodi build.Thankfully vpeter, a LibreElec dev, has released updated LibreElec builds for it, available at the tbs forums. I love this board. I use it as my Kodi box connected to the TV, with a mPCIe Wifi card to boost network speed, and for most purposes it works great. I don't expect anybody to work on an armbian release for a dead board of course, though the hardware features might allow for some cool use options. It's available for £50 at amazon.co.uk, which includes the plastic box and a 12V power plug. Other links: Product page TBS forums
  9. It could easily be both. I can see this board getting a lot of domestic demand.
  10. Not sure if relevant, but the FriendlyARM wiki of both the M1 and NEO does state that input voltage through the pin connector should function in the range of 4.7V~5.6V
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