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  1. Since I own the HC2, I'm using it as a NAS + Emby on it. I've a load average: 1.28, 1.47, 1.60 (currently). Also total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 1.9Gi 1.1Gi 102Mi 21Mi 775Mi 824Mi Swap: 996Mi 715Mi 281Mi It's running pretty smoothly. By the way, the swap is the default zram disk with LZO-RLE.
  2. @Igor just to keep you in the loop: Still running without any crash, the HardKernel repo is stable for me. Currently, uptime of 3 days without any memory corruption. Have you been able to test on your side ?
  3. @Igor I have a stable 5.4.32 running. Currently, armbian/build is using the repository of memeka with upstream patches. Hardkernel has a up-to-date branch with 5.4.y with their patches: I can open a PR for odroid-xu4/HC1/HC2 on the armbian/build repository, it's been running for 24h without issues. I'll continue monitor it.
  4. @Igor I'm aware it's not stable, I don't mind testing it. The problem is, with 4.14.y, I can't run Emby. It keeps crashing for segmentation fault. While on 5.4.y, it runs flawlessly (but the hardware transcoding doesn't work). Is there anything that can be done to help fix this ? I've never worked on kernel before, but I don't mind using some of my free time on this. I enjoy the capabilities of my odroid HC2 and its power, it's a shame that I can't use it fully. I want to help.
  5. Hello, Here is a DMESG kernel dump that I'm getting everytime I boot the Odroid HC2 with a 5.4.x kernel: Also random crashes related to memory.