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  1. My HK1 is working great with meson-sm1-hk1box-vontar-x3.dtb. HK1 is same as VontarX3. I'm not sure if h96max x3 is same hw. You could try meson-sm1-hk1box-vontar-x3.dtb from https://forum.armbian.com/topic/15376-methods-to-fix-x96-max-pluss905x3-gigabit-ethernet-problem/
  2. Sorry. I don't have intention to polemize. I thought I was on Home>Community forums >TV boxes Looking info for Tv boxes. Not interested on dev pcb at the moment.
  3. Damm it! I just bought a HK1 (S905X3) the day before! In spite I carefully read forums, it was not clear to me which RK3399 is full supported. None seem to be good enough. Please, tell us about last version we can install on AML.
  4. I'm using vega pro dtb for MiniMX 1/8. Everything works.
  5. Beelink MiniMX S905 1G/8G. Running Armbian on SD. If I try to install on eMMC , will it brick the box or it will not work?
  6. Sorry to ask, but after reading all it is still not clear to me. S905 install to eMMC works now?
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