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  1. most likely smart interface, you can query/manage it with smartctl provided by package smartmontools.
  2. anyone had any lukc with analog video out?
  3. you can use multitool to reflash
  4. You'll need to recompile libdrm wih rockchip support, but looks likd rockchip-linux made some of their repos private
  5. The driver is opensourced, see https://developer.arm.com/tools-and-software/graphics-and-gaming/mali-drivers/utgard-kernel
  6. That's not working either.. I'll stick with: overlay_prefix=rk322x fdtfile=rk322x-box.dtb
  7. Correct. DTS should be fixed also when building 5.4.x tree.
  8. Very cool. Remember saving for a BeBox after that.
  9. I've installed images from download page (bother buster linux 4, focal linux 4) and installed them to eMMC with multitool. They boot nicely and are stable. I did use the libreElec dtb file, then the alternating led flashing red/blue went away and blue stayed on. Right now after testing some days, I can't boot libreElec from SD or eMMC (which worked ok previously, with erasing flash thru multitool), also adding dtb now leaves me with an unbootable system ?? I can flash with multitool one of the stable images. If i select RK3228A, RK3228B or RK3229 and reboot, I get a
  10. ok, I've got a MXQPro 2G/16G RK3228A which doesn't boot after rk322x-config to either setting. What does work is the rk3228a-box-mxq4kpro.dtb I took from https://github.com/knaerzche/LibreELEC.tv/releases/tag/b7186bc
  11. a client for amavisd-new is using 3306 on localhost (ipv4), stop it, wait for it to clear, restart mysqld, check, then start amavisd. @Werner sshguard works excellent.
  12. What it does is prune images that are not in use by containers, but that's pretty much what the command says.
  13. Load at bootup is <=1.82 (<50% all core utilization), 25C increase within minute seems very unlikely, what is likely (commit=600 in /etc/fstab) your monitoring script did not sync till the end, i.e. last temps are probably not logged to block device.
  14. use armbianmonitor -u, most likely rogue process eating all memory