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  1. The Simcom (at least 7600) has an embedded MQTT stack you're talking to running over 4G network. Probably your server is not available. Anyhoo nothing to do with Armbian.
  2. Orange PI PC Plus has RTL8189FTV wifi onboard (and 8GB emmc!), very stable I used it over a year as a wireless NAS.
  3. A cheap Amlogic s905x Android TV box with at least 2G ram for around ~20 will do that and is better spec'ed than any similarly priced SBC.
  4. Those are all NTP requests to a network pool, check the sizes (61b/15b), nothing wrong here move along
  5. odd that works, I would link: cc -o .. ... -L<path-to-so> -lSelDRMCairo -l<other-sel-so>-lcairo ..... as a shared object is not linked to any library but simply a position independent object file.
  6. Just install docker and follow the RPi3 installation guide: https://www.home-assistant.io/installation/raspberrypi/#install-home-assistant-container
  7. Add uart1 to overlays in /boot/armbianEnv.txt. RTS/CTS is disabled by default, add param_uart1_rtscts=1 to enable.
  8. Try the T120 driver, there's no Linux support for the T520.
  9. I wouldn't buy it for retail ~$80 in any case, because it's not much of an upgrade over an RPi 3. For that price you can get (and probably want) 4GB LPDDR4 instead of 2GB LPDDR3, go with either RK3399 as mentioned (M4V2) or RPi4.
  10. You can download and add the key with apt-key add <file.asc> The keyservers are capable of synchronization and I suspect (wouldn't know for sure) the ubuntu service is.
  11. maybe too little too late, AXIS camera's are great (linux based) though expensive.
  12. Just curious, why wouldn't a RTC fit the bill once synced? (not the H2 but e.g. ds3231)
  13. AFAIK ZFS for linux will never be ready unless Oracle resolves licensing issues. BTRFS has these features (except some RAID modes perhaps) and is stable.
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