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  1. is there an off the shelf recipe for this so far without compiling kernel? can anyone upload a mainline image with i2s support?
  2. in my case, after changes in the fex file and updating script.bin, aplay -l output has 3 devices, regardless of the i2s device being connected or not. I still have no audio output after changing w1_para parameter as suggested. (orange pi one and es9023 : ) any suggestions? (When I attached 5v cable to the 3.3v pin, I heard some random popping sounds but not the pink noise that speaker-test produces.)
  3. I have followed the first message in the thread for my opi one and i can see the i2s es9023 listed on "aplay -l" output but I couldn't have any sound out of it. Can someone help me find what is wrong about it? If it helps, i get this output on command, root@orangepione:~# cat /sys/devices/platform/snddaudio/s_i2s1/dapm_widget PM State: Standby Another user's output is State on. Could this be related to what is wrong?
  4. what is the interface of the soundcard that you connect to your laptop? is it usb?