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  1. Yea I found that weird. It's also weird that ur X96 Air has a different chipset.... Another weird thing is that my X96 Airs had different bootscreens, some had the X96 Max for some reason
  2. I cant edit my post above but I've managed to connect to WiFi and it worked. I'm not sure if its stable though
  3. I'm using the meson-sm610.dtb on a 2GB/16GB X96 Air. This is my output http://ix.io/2pos When I do armbian-config and access the WiFi section it finds me my network
  4. Is there a way to enable WiFi on X96 Air? I can see the wireless networks via armbian-config but I can't connect.
  5. I have the base model, so it's only a 100Mbps link. Have you tried enabling speed 1000 in ethtool?
  6. I dont think I'm misleadign people... All I'v said was that my X96Air are running just fine. I've got uptimes of over a month and for what I use them that's perfectly fine
  7. I'm running some X96 Air 2/16 variants on Armbian with no issue. They're quad-core S905X3 based and come with DDR3. They're also very compact which is great for my use. Using the meson-sm610.dtb, ethernet works and HDMI works as well. I have no clue about audio or wifi as I do not use a desktop environment They also have 16GB of eMMC which can be flashed to host armbian
  8. Are you sure? I actually run many X96 Air and some X96Air even said X96Max when booting up lol. They're all running armbian just fine. have you tried the meson-sm610 dtb?
  9. Hello guys. Sadly I'm still limited to 1 post per day so I'll try to make this as complete as possible. I bought an X96 Air 2/16GB to try armbian on. It seemed like a good box for the price and it has a recent SOC on 12nm. I managed to install armbian with no problems. I used the Armbian_20.05.0_Arm-64_bionic_current_5.6.0-rc6_20200403 desktop release, then switched back to minimal since I dont need a desktop environment. Everything is fine, ethernet works, but I didnt test wifi or BT since I dont use those. Now comes the part when I started having issues. I've read many tutorials and videos on installing to eMMC and I was confindent. So I've made a backup and I tried running nand-sata-install but that command doesnt exist anymore. I searched a bit more and found the scripts inside the root folder. Since my box has an Amlogic SOC (the S905X3) I ran the amlogic script. On the first try it failed saying there was no u-boot.sd, so I made a copy of u-boot.ext and renamed it to u-boot.sd. On the second try it wen fine and said it installed successfully, but the box never booted again. I tried everything! So I had to download the factory firmware the flash it with the toothpick method. Glady it came back to life! So then I tried the S905X script which I thought would work since I have a S905X3. But no... it didnt work and bricked again even though it said it was a success. What am I doing wrong? I'm using the meson-sm1-sei610-ethfix.dtb and I'm sure the env file is setup correctly. I really need to install into eMMC @gabe5000 @balbes150 @SteeMan I mentioned you guys because I've seen you talk about the X96 Air and helping people with eMMC installs. I followed your tips but was unsuccessful Thank you for the help!
  10. Thanks for both answers. Yea I've seen that machine, sadly the specs are not enough. I was looking for 1GB of RAM at least, that's why TV boxes make sense.. They're enclosed, good specs for the price and I can sell them later on for whatever reason. I was looking at getting OrangePi One Plus, which has a new H6 and 1GB of RAM for around 24€, but for that price I can get a S905X3 box with 2GB of RAM. Any other TV boxes that you recommend? From what I've read I should avoid Rockchip afaik, and Allwinner seems to have the best support around here, but (correct me if I'm wrong) most of the allwinner tv boxes can't be flashed to run from EMMC instead of sd card? Also, if I want to restore the original firmware that was on the EMMC I can always do that right?
  11. Hey guys. I need around 10-20 SBC or TV Boxes that can run Armbian. I only need Ethernet support, Wi-Fi and BT isn't required, but I'd like something stable that doesn't overheat. I'll be running Docker on them, is that an issue on Armbian? This can be a deal breaker for me. 2GB/16GB boxes would be the best option if I can flash armbian to the EMMC in board, requiring no SD card to boot, thus minimizing costs. I've seen that the Tanix TX3 Mini is stable and the 2GB/16GB unit is at around 25€, but this is a bit much. I managed to buy some RK3318 2GB/16GB boxes in the past for 18€, but they're gone. I've also seen the HK1 Mini, which uses the RK3299 SOC, but I can't find much info on it. Thank you for your time!
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