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  1. Tried the steP-Nand and it worked in 1 try (since I never erase nand before nor use Jump Start tool). Playing around with it now and I just noticed that my mac address changes with every reboot. This was actually the same as "respeaker" image before running in sd card. But I actually solved this (fixed mac address) when I tried the "LE_bootloader_Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_buster_current_5.5.16_minimal.img" on sd card. Not sure if reason for change/problem is because of the 5.5.16 kernel before compared to legacy 4.4.194 kernel now? Any ideas on how to
  2. @fabiobassa @jock Thank you very much for the help. I’ll be using what I have now (img with LibreELEC bootloader on ext sd card) for the meantime as it works much better than what I previously had (respeaker). Btw will using the multitool write anything in the internal NAND? I’m actually hesitant to use it now fearing I might not be able to use future method of writing to NAND if you guys do eventually succeed in making it. Also, if ever you release updated builds, how do I properly update? Do I need to setup and install everything again from scratch? @Alex83 I’m actual
  3. Hi there, I recently just came across this thread and is pleasantly surprised and happy that there are still on-going developments on our old-ish RK322x devices! Before seeing this thread, I was rockin' a MX4-V10 RK3229 (?) Android Box with an old respeaker img on a sd card which I found months ago. Pictures of the android box and internals for reference: MX4-V10 Pics I actually already tried to burn "Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_buster_current_5.5.16_minimal.img.xz" into an sd card and the box failed to boot. I then burned "LE_bootloader_Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Rk322